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(Updated: March 17, 2020)
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Another masterpiece by Zarius! It was the perfect follow up to the Ford Awakens. You get Ha,n Leia, and Luke. Not together, but close.

I was hoping some deleted scenes would be in there to replace the cuts. Maybe they were, but so subtly I didn't notice. When I read it would focus more on Rey training with Luke it would have been fun to see her trying to rescue that village. The part where Han is in the Falcon near the end was only audio, and I thought maybe they could have been enhanced by some shots of him in the cockpit, if only to show he was really there.

Most people can't stand that scene where Leia uses the Force, but I've never felt that way. Keeping her alive when some think she should have just perished in space has always been a delightful surprise to me. A little morbid how some just want to see how they kill her off since she had passed away by then. I would have simply not had her get blown out into space if they don't want that. But anyway, that scene is the same as in the theatrical version here.
The cliffhanger ending was pretty good. I know I hate those in the theater when it's going to be a couple of years before the conclusion. It works in this case though. It's an exciting and interesting new way to see this movie and I like it a lot.

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