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(Updated: September 09, 2012)
Review by jdstewart83 — September 4, 2011 @ 7:22 pm

OK, let’s be honest, most of us who are Star Wars fans grew up with the original trilogy (IV-VI) and when the prequels came out they were quite the let down. Blankfist had a vision that myself and many other fans share about the story-lines in the prequels. Without giving much away in spoilers, I will say this: I loved the way that Blankfist totally changed up Episode I by repositioning scenes to tell a different tale. Once again, most of us fans sit through the prequels and get fed up with Jar Jar, terrible acting, and wait for something good (ACTION!) to happen. Blankfist has removed unneeded sub-plots and has put the focus back to where it belongs!

The prequels should have been the story of the rise of Anakin Skywalker and the fall of the Galactic Republic into an empire. However, when we view the original Lucas prequels, additional garbage is added, several unneeded storylines, and what is truly important gets somewhat lost. By breaking down what is important, Blankfist has turned garbage into a compact, watchable film that is around 3 hours. Although other reviewers did not care for some of the repositioning of certain scenes, it works for me and for continuity throughout the combined film.

The film follows the growth of Anakin from slave boy to Jedi, and then to his tragic demise as Vader. We also see Palpatine play the politics to achieve absolute power as emperor. Although Episode I is VERY SHORT, the most important plot points are what is included, and as I said, Blankfist’s repositions tell a bit of a different tale than what Lucas did, but that is the editor’s right in a fan edit, correct?

One of the things I was most pleased with was the careful edits in Episode II. Blankfist has done some wonderful edits to make Hayden Christansen appear to be a young bad-ass that is able to sweep Natalie Portman off her feet, rather than being a young bumbling fool. I espeicially liked the removal of scenes in which Padme sort of rejects Anakin. The edits make the love story actually work! There is not much action in the Episode II scenes, as the focus is on the love story, BUT THIS IS NEEDED for the overall tale!

As a previous review said, the transition from II to III works swimmingly as the republic goes to war. The scene in which Anakin slices up Dooku is changed. Palpatine is completely removed from this scene altogether. The first time I watched the edit I liked it, but looking back, this is the only problem I had with the entire film. I like the original scene better, because it showed Palpatine “pushing” Anakin ever so closer to the dark side. As for the rest of the Episode III, things move FAST! This may be a problem for some viewers, but for me it works.

I will be honest, when I want to relax and watch some Star Wars, I feel an obligation to start from the beginning, which can be a bore at times with the original prequels. Some were upset about the issue with how Anakin lost his hand, as you see the mechanized robot hand when he has been defeated by Kenobi. This could have been fixed by simply keeping the scene in from Episode II. He has been fighting in the Clone Wars; we can assume he faced some tough combat…

This edit gives me everything I want in terms of plot, action, and creative edits to condense what really matters to the overall storyline: THE TRAGEDY OF ANAKIN SKYWALKER and the FALL OF THE REPUBLIC! As far as picture quality and sound go, I only had issues with the picture quality in the scenes from Episode I, some were pixely and looked weak, but the rest of the film was high quality. The sound was very good as well! All in all, this is exactly what I was hoping for when I saw it was a I – III combo! Thank you Blankfist for your valiant effort in this edit!
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