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(Updated: November 30, 2017)
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This must be the most waited fanedit of all time so it has a lot to live up to. I think it just does that and even exceeds all the expections.

There's so much added into the movie and some of it, well, most of it is Hollywood quality (and even better :) ). The Battle of Hoth is simply amazing with all its additions. Yoda has more personality with his new face expressions and now there are blaster blasts every time a stormtrooper is hit in the cloud city "battle". Now that's something that bothered me a bit... sometimes when a stormtrooper was hit, there was no effect. And talking about effects, there are tons of different kinds of effects going on background in this fanedit, and they sure are top quality.

There simply isn't any addition that bothered me in this edit. Well, I could say that Yoda was sometimes a bit goofy with his face expressions, heh. But mostly in a good way. This simply appears to be a flawless diamond.

My ONLY grief is the quality of the video (.mkv HD version). It appears to have a lot of film grain compared both to the blu-ray release or a 1080p rip of equal file size to this fanedit. It looks very mushy, on both, my projector and monitor. When it comes to HD, I want the image be clear. Now it seems there's always something going on even static backgrounds.

I'm not sure why exactly the video has so mushy look. The 720p shouldn't be the issue nor the bitrate. It should be high enough. But it looks like grain with low(ish) bitrate. Bad combination. Is it that the source material is different or does the color correction for example do something bad to the image quality when compiling? Or maybe something to do with the compile parameters. I'd like to hear some suggestions. And I encourage others do comparisons as well.

I hope the video quality gets better in the coming blu-ray release. It's not bad by all means but not just that great either.

I don't want to end this review with negativity so I simply say the fanedit itself is the best fanedit ever done. Period.

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(Updated: August 18, 2017) August 18, 2017
I think that may happen because this is a "beta" version yet. Ady himself, wrote that he'll be making the menus and all that stuff afterwards and this may also serve for him to see our reactions suggestions and possibly some thing that he might have missed. I'm sure hell address your point. =)
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