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(Updated: January 14, 2022)
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Maybe Bobson's masterwork (so far), this is a great package here, my go-to version of Star Wars in a heartbeat. The Biggs scenes add excellent emotional weight to Luke's character and the overall nature of the Empire vs Rebellion struggle thanks to Biggs' exposition. And you get to find out, crucially, that Luke's nickname is "Wormy" which is both a Dune reference *and* a hilarious bit of business that I wish had re-surfaced whenever Luke shows up on Tatooine again. ("Hey everybody, I'm back and I'm a badass Jedi prophesied to bring balance to the Force." "lol k wormy")

The little additions like the framing of Luke's viewfinder and dropping Lopti Nek into the power station scene are what really sell the sequences, and they're excellently finished by Bobson here. Does the sequence hurt the pacing of the opening act? Maybe a little, but we've all seen this movie enough times now that it doesn't matter, I'll trade a little momentum for a better understanding of the hero's place in the world. The bonus features are delightfully exhaustive, including a documentary, alternate cuts of a sequence, B-roll footage, script excerpts, and more.

This is my favourite version of Star Wars and one of my favourite fan edits thanks to a simple but hugely consequential fix -- it's Biggs time, baby.

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