Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Episode V: Rise of the Dark Side

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Episode V: Rise of the Dark Side

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Episode V: Rise of the Dark Side
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Brief Synopsis:
6 episodes of the Clone Wars TV series edited into a seamless theatrical Star Wars movie including the classic opening crawl and Pan shot. This is the fifth instalment of my Clone Wars Movie Series and centres on the Return of Darth Maul... see how he survived his defeat to Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace to eventually appear in Solo: A Star Wars Story and the Rebels TV series.
To cut the filler and childish elements of the award-winning Clone Wars TV series and produce classical Star Wars movies.
Release Information
  • Blu-Ray (BD-25)
  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Special Features
Bluray release contains 3 deleted scenes and the theatrical trailer.
Editing Details:
The movie is comprised mainly of 6 episodes of the Clone Was TV series, with the addition of a few scenes from two other episodes. Opening credits and space pan shot to mimic the classic Star Wars opening, with additional bridging music into the first scene. Classic closing credits added with bridging music.
Cuts and Additions:
- Re-cut first scenes to put Dooku/Sidious scene first.
- Replace Tactical droid “by your command” with “yes my lord”.
- Trim Dooku/Ventress interaction from Ventress’ flashback.

- Eliminate narrator from Dooku’s Dathomir landing scene and insert sound effects and music.
- Remove Dooku “with my last assassin, Asajj Ventress dead”.
- Trim build-up scene before the warriors’ first test.
- Remove Ventress “a tremendous gift from the galaxy”.
- Remove Dooku “at last” as Talzin lands.
- Remove Dooku “your powers will rival that of Darth Maul” to Savage.

Witches of the Mist
- Remove narrator from craft landing at Jedi Temple and insert sound effects and music.
- Remove Obi-Wan “so much for not starting something”.
- Remove Anakin “Hey, don’t look at me”.
- Remove Obi-Wan and Anakin interaction about Dooku sending his Assassin to exact revenge on the Toydarians.
- Remove scene where Anakin and Savage throw a battle droid.
- Trim shot of Savage being “shot” by multiple battle droids
- Alter battle droid “you’re not supposed to be here” to “you’re under arrest”.

Massacre & Brothers
- Episodes are inter-cut to give the impression that Savage searching for Maul and the droid attack on Dathomir occur simultaneously.

- Narrator removed from Ventress landing on Dathomir. Effects and Music inserted.
- Remove Asajj “I’ve been hiding” - to give impression that Massacre occurs immediately after Witches of the Mist.
- Remove Dooku “at last” when talking about taking revenge against Talzin.
- Trim Ventress’ nightsister ceremony.
- Cut all mentions of, and scenes containing “Old Dhaka” - Talzin is now shown to be controlling the army of the dead.

- Move scene where Talzin says Savage is getting closer - needed to be later to tie in with the massacre battle.
- Remove scene of Ventress in the cantina.
- Shorten Savage’s approach to surface of Lothal Minor.
- Cut Fire breathers scenes on Lothal Minor.
- Trim interaction between Savage and the snake.
- Trim Maul introduction scene to remove some of his chanting and bizarre behavior.

- Remove narrator and insert effects and music.
- Insert scene from Bounty of Ventress landing on Tatooine and meeting the bounty hunters in the cantina.
- Insert scene from Bounty where Asajj and the Bounty Hunters return to the cantina - this is blended into the Cantina scene from Revenge where Ventress sees the bounty on Savage.
- Remove Ventress’ “nightbrothers” line.
- Remove Obi-Wan line to Ventress “I learn from watching you”.
- Add closing scene from Revival but remove reference to pirates and whether or not Maul survived.
UK Cover art by smudger9 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

USA Cover art by smudger9 (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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