Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Arc Edition

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Brief Synopsis:
Episodes from the 25 best arcs (+2 standalone episodes) are combined to create 27 longer episodes (~40-60m) each presenting a complete, streamlined story without redundant, uninteresting side quests, goofy villains, or childish humor.
The few other projects I found that edited this series changed the format a little too much for my liking, so I set about creating a slimmed down version that retains the episodic format of the original.
Other Sources:
Soundtrack albums for the series by Kevin Kiner
Star Wars opening logos used in other recent series (Bad Batch, Mandalorian, etc)
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I started out selecting the best arcs and combining the individual episodes of each arc to create longer episodes. Then I made general changes to each like adding custom intro titles, smoothing transitions between the episodes within an arc, removing "previously on" segments, redundancies, goofy villain POVs, and silly or childish humor (e.g. most battle droid dialogue/gags). Finally I focused on episode order and added a couple additional arcs/episodes to enhance character development throughout the series (e.g. adding Assassin combined with Senate Spy to create an introduction for Padme's character and setup for later arcs).
Cuts and Additions:
General changes: removed opening "previously on" segments, created smooth transitions to join episodes, created custom intro

1 Christophsis (37 minutes) - The Hidden Enemy (s1e16), The Clone Wars Movie​
droids talking
villain povs
palpatine's office
droid attack before Ahsoka's arrival
Mace/Yoda receiving transmission
Obi getting "captured"
references to hutts
end at Obi flying off

2 Domino Squad (44 minutes) - Clone Cadets, Rookies, ARC Troopers (s3e1,s1e5,s3e2)​
trim 1st training
1st test with previous Shaakti and following brainhead scenes
Cutup beatup
graduation march
villain povs
inspection call
worm eating a clone
droid in clone armor
Rex suspicious of clones approaching
Rex:"roger roger"
"not so tough sparky"
clone commendation

3 Magic of the Holocron (44 minutes) - Holocron Heist, Cargo of Doom, Children of the Force (s2e1-3)​
villain povs
trim bomb droid
Ani explaining boarding in hangar
droids talking
replace Cargo ending hangar scene with start of Chilren
Obi's trip to Rodia
baby gungan

4 The Senator (38 minutes) - Assassin, Senate Spy (s3e7,s2e4)​
**Senate Spy is technically part of the Geonosis arc but doesn't flow neatly into the following episode, so I combined it with Assassin to make a new Padmé-centric episode​
references to previous Aurra/Ahsoka encounter
Hutt ending of Assassin
villain povs
Ani rocking the ship
swapped two shots when Padme walks in on meeting
Ani running down hallway

5 Return to Geonosis (62 minutes) - Landing at Point Rain, Weapons Factory, Legacy of Terror, Brain Invaders (s2e5-8)​
bridge convo and following plan discussion
Obi in hangar
trim fighting
shots of Mundi on drop ship
obvi Obi "we're hit..."
obvi clone "bugs are surrounding us"
Ani & Mundi trips to rendezvous with Obi
Obi explaining plan
Obi/Mundi departure
Luminara ship approach
Ani & Ahsoka explaining (another) plan, bickering
Poggle povs
Ani & Luminara talking about padawans' mission
intercut Legacy and Brain Invaders episodes (idea from EddieDean's Clone Wars Refocused)
loading poggle onto ship
wipe from padawan hyperspace jump to Luminara on overlook
cut from Luminara reporting in on bikes to ship in hyperspace followed by padawans sleeping
cut from bag of eggs to Luminara arriving at temple
cut from Luminara reporting in at temple entry to padawans eating
wipe from bridge takeover to Obi/Ani arrival at temple
cut from Ani/Obi team start exploring tunnels to padawans meal interrupted
wipe from padawans leaving to check bridge to Luminara dragged
cut from Luminara bound by queen to infected bridge clones "engage autopilot"
cut from padawans jumping into vents to Obi/Ani just before entering queen lair
cut from Obi:"let's go" to padawans in vent
wipe from padawans splitting up to Obi approaching queen
wipe from queen:"now i have 3" to Fisto call with Ahsoka
cut from Barriss getting infected to Poggle preparing to infect Luminara
silly manhole cover geyser shot
cut from Jedi observing temple remains to Ahsoka calling Rex
Fisto dispatching escort
cut from Barriss sneak-attacking Ahsoka to ship coming out of hyperspace then back to attack
cut from Ahsoka clawing control panel to Fisto noticing ship "guide them in" and back to Luminara mouth-worm attack

6 The Duchess of Mandalore (64 minutes) - The Mandalore Plot, Voyage of Temptation, Duchess of Mandalore (s2e12-14)​
trim villain speech overstating the obvious in Voyage

7 Boba Fett (45 minutes) - Death Trap, R2 Come Home, Lethal Trackdown (s2e20-22)​
shooting practice
Boba bumping into clones
trim stranded clone kids bickering
join Ani cockpit shots from Death Trap and R2 Come Home
Mace phoning ship
after explosion insert shot of Boba interrogating prisoner from Lethal Trackdown, back to Mace/Ani trying to get free
R2 rescue/bounty hunters plot from R2 Come Home
bounty hunters arguing in cockpit
Hondo not recognizing Boba

8 Corruption on Mandalore (37 minutes) - Corruption, The Academy (s3e5-6)​
villain povs
students at warehouse

9 Witches and Monsters (52 minutes) - Nightsisters, Monster, Witches of the Mist (s3e12-14)​
droid povs
Ventress going to dude village and trials
Ani & Obi going to dude village
insert Dooku sending Savage on mission between Obi/Ani capture and entering Talzin lair

10 Padmé Amidala (37 minutes) - Senate Murders, Heroes on Both Sides, Pursuit of Peace (s2e15,s3e10-11)​
other Rodian speaking & Farr response before Organa walks in
cut from Padme entering senate chamber to Heroes on Both Sides opening senate chamber scene
when Padme steps up to speak cut back to speech from Senate Murders
after speech & Deechi threat cut back to Heroes at banking clan & posse conspiring
Grievous/bomb droid povs
Lux creeping on Ahsoka
senate discussion after blackout
wipe from Heroes ending to Farr mugging, then beginning of Pursuit
replace shot of Farr in senate meeting with Mothma, later with Burtoni
Padme/Farr office meetings with Organa, banking clan guy, Organa again
bounty hunters escaping after 1st capture and subsequent chase scene
insert Senate Murders scene of heroes celebrating before ending scene of Palpy in office

11 Secrets of Mortis (56 minutes) - Overlords, Altar of Mortis, Ghosts of Mortis (s3e15-17)​
Ani/Obi banter just before following daughter from ship
son capturing Obi/Ahsoka
keep overhead shot of arena, cut chosen one test
use part of father trying to convince Ani to stay after Obi/Ahsoka leave arena
force family povs (keep father waking, throwing kids thru window in Altar)

12 The Citadel (35 minutes) - The Citadel, Counterattack, Citadel Rescue (s3e18-20)​
trim plan overview (Ani/Obi stating the obvious)
Ahsoka left behind/R2's driods/carbonite subplots
villain povs
hallway traps between jailbreaks
jedi planning rescue
droid ambush in caverns
Obi team captured
Ani:"always a plan b"
beginning of Rescue until hyperspace star destroyers

13 Padawan Lost (41 minutes) - Padawan Lost, Wookiee Hunt (s3e21-22)​
droids talking
redundant Trandoshans hunting Ahsoka at start of Wookiee Hunt
random pilot line

14 Darkened World of Umbara (48 minutes) - Darkness on Umbara, The General, Plan of Dissent, Carnage of Krell (s4e7-10)​
beginning of Darkness to after tentacle plant fight
attack before Krell arrival
remainder of Darkness after Krell talks to Rex
opening of General until after Krell/holo-Obi convo
trim clone argument "we had to retreat...flawed strategy","we lost a lot of men last time"
centipede fight
1st airbase infiltration team scene & following battle scene
opening Dissent scene outside tower
clone:"sir incoming" distraction after Krell/Rex convo in tower
test flight & following until taking ships out
droid povs
ending tower scene in Dissent
tentacle plants
Krell:"for a clone"
Krell villain speech in forest
Krell v tentacle plants (cut from Krell throwing clone to getting stunned)

15 The Slaves of Zygerria (52 minutes) - Kidnapped, Slaves of the Republic, Escape from Kadavo (s4e11-13)​
open at Jedi arrival
Dooku holo convo with slaver
Ani/Ahsoka listening in via Obi comms
recut Obi/slaver negotiation so "counter offer" is explosion in tower so slaver can escape (no fight, no city explosions)
hutt at slave pits

16 A Friend in Need (22 minutes) - (s4e14)​
no additional cuts

17 Rako Hardeen (57 minutes) - Deception, Friends and Enemies, The Box, Crisis on Naboo (s4e15-18)​
Rako going to bar
Obi buying 1st ship, getting captured (go from "business or pleasure? both" to Obi calling Jedi)
bounty hunter argument between Ani/Palpy scene and boarding new ship
drunk aliens leaving saloon
most of The Box episode (use scene of Ani summoned to Yoda's chamber)
warehouse fight (skip to Dooku explaining plan)

18 Darth Maul Returns (55 minutes) - Massacre, Bounty, Brothers, Revenge (s4e19-22)​
zombies arising
Ventress' final line in Massacre:"no wait you can't leave..."
transition end of Massacre to Brothers at ship approaching junk planet
talisman not working
various encounters after meeting snake guide (transition from "i can manage on my own" to "does he look like you?")
snake line about betrayal, leftovers
transition from Yoda telling Obi Maul lives to Bounty at Ventress arrives at Tatooine (use Massacre end music)
Bossk:"right dispostion" & snort
Bossk:"join our merry...authorities"
transition from Ventress:"what do I have to do?" to Revenge planet landing (cut remainder of Bounty)
insert Brothers scene of Ventress:"sensed someone from my past" after Maul:"start with revenge"

19 Onderon (60 minutes) - A War on Two Fronts, Front Runners, The Soft War, Tipping Points (s5e2-5)​
training up to approaching city
Ahsoka/Lux: "pretty good plan..." exchange entering city
droid:"that's the 5th time this rotation"
rebel meetings at the end of Front Runners
old king brought before new king and general droid
after king rescue scene skip to Tipping Points flying to rebel base
Ahsoka calling Ani/Obi during battle, Hondo stuff (skip to Lux/Ahsoka with rocket launchers)
Ahsoka:"she sure leads by example" up to ship blasting base doors

20 Shadow Collective (58 minutes) - Eminence, Shades of Reason, The Lawless (s5e14-16)​
Nal Hutta
Vizla to Bo-Katan:"stay focused, Mandalore will soon be..."
Vizla speech w/ captured Maul
Almec/Maul convo after Almec's speech

21 Rogue Jedi (84 minutes) - Sabotage, The Jedi Who Knew Too Much, To Catch a Jedi, The Wrong Jedi (s5e17-20)​
Ani reporting to Jedi council while transporting captured Ahsoka

22 Clone Protocol 66 (59 minutes) - The Unknown, Conspiracy, Fugitive, Orders (s6e1-4)​
fight in corridor, brief meeting (start just before Tup "malfunction")
villain povs
hangar bay, trip to Kamino
5s/AZ convo about numbers and names
5s/AZ stealing ship & taking a joyride
5s getting on stretcher
inside ship en route to Coruscant
5s stumbling around, finding taxi, taxi ride convo
clones/taxi driver:"its your credit...mother's a droid"

23 Rush Clovis (61 minutes) - An Old Friend, The Rise of Clovis, Crisis at the Heart (s6e5-7)​
bounty hunter calls Palp
Dooku/Palp discuss evil plans scenes
Palp/Ani walk and talk
Dooku retreat command/hyperspace jump

24 Yoda's Quest (58 minutes) - The Lost One, Voices, Destiny, Sacrifice (s6e10-13)​
Dooku/Palp povs
Obi/Ani report to council after Dooku escape
transition from Dagobah force cave vision (Voices) to waking on force planet (Destiny)
force priestesses
gollum Yoda encounter (after Yoda wakes, parcour to cave entrance, cut to jedi temple vision)
transition from jedi temple vision Dooku attack (Destiny) to Yoda entering sith temple (Sacrifice)
after Sidious fight with Yoda falling (Sacrifice) transition to Yoda exiting Dagobah force cave (Voices)
references to force planet
transition from leaving Dagobah to Jedi temple scene at end of Sacrifice

25 Ahsoka's Journey (57 minutes) - Gone with a Trace, Deal No Deal, Dangerous Debt, Together Again (s7e5-8)​
Pintu to end of Gone
failed prison escape (join prison convos skipping redundant argument in Together)

26 Bad Batch (46 minutes) - The Bad Batch, A Distant Echo, On the Wings of Keeradaks, Unfinished Business (s7e1-4)​
villain povs
minimize force99 as much as possible
crash landing
outpost attack
Rex/99 argument
techno union guy
crawling into vents (wipe directly to them in the vents)
Tech referencing locals
more Poletecs (wipe to next episode after "eagle" rescue)
Wrecker, Hunter en route to ship infiltration
Ani getting detonator, Wrecker detonation

27 Siege of Mandalore (95 minutes) - Old Friends Not Forgotten, The Phantom Apprentice, Shattered, Victory and Death (s7e9-12)​
add sfx to opening attack
battle droids talking (moved reaction shot of Obi & Cody)

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This edit is fantastic! It is exactly what I feel the Clone Wars needs: massive cuts. The show has a lot of great moments and storylines, but I honestly don't think it is very good when looked at as a whole. Too many bad episodes and even the good arcs can be too slow or have parts I could do without. Catferoze has attempted to address both issues here. Many episodes are completely cut and those that remain have been trimmed down to the essential aspects. I am not an expert on the show, so I can't absolutely say that nothing was cut that I would have liked to see included. But in the arcs that have been included, it feels like not much else could be left out. Personally, I would have left out some of these arcs all together, but that's just personal taste. The only thing I can ding this edit for is some of the technical aspects, where cuts were sometimes quite obvious from a visual or audio perspective, or both. This was particularly an issue for the first 12 episodes or so, but the cuts seemed to get much better after this. I don't know if catferoze started being more careful, the source material got easier to edit (due to less "wipe" cuts and things like that), or if I just started paying less attention. In any event, these issues are pretty easy to overlook considering the great effort that has been put into making this great Clone Wars edit.

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