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(Updated: September 10, 2012)
Review by jelio — April 13, 2010 @ 6:24 am

Excellent cut!

No Yoda VS Sidious is great!
No Qui gon jin special training, good choice.

Removal of “Ive got the high ground” works very well, because with no dialogue in that spot, the cutting off of Anakins legs becomes a surprise … similar to “captain obvious” lines, this had hurt the action by giving the audience a heads up that the action is about to come to a conclusion.

I read the reviews here before downloading, and i thought i would not enjoy the ending because of the listed removals above.
Namely, cutting the Emperors scene on Mustafar and also cutting Leias birth.

I was pleasantly surprised however to find out that i very much support these cuts! I found upon watching that they both worked very well. First of all the cut of the Emperor on Mustafar works just fine because we have an equal scene of them returning to corusant with Anakin all burnt up arriving on a hover stretcher. I dont think anything is gained by seeing the Emperor actually going to find him. So that worked for me. Second the no Leia birth works fine because we dont need to know this information yet. The prequel trilogy is a spoiler for Empire strikes back by showing us that Anakin is Luke Skywalkers father. I dont think that particular spoiler could be avoided because its one of the basic points of the prequels. However leias origin doesnt need to be spoiled at this point in the over all narrative. I know its not a real spoiler because everyone already knows she is lukes sister, but in the narrative i feel that it works not showing her. I didnt miss it when it was gone and the shorter end sequence was welcome. It was much more to the point. Setting up luke on tattooine i think was the essential part and thats whats focused on. Just because we dont see leias birth and adoption doesnt mean it didnt happen.

Also the shorter Vader standing up after getting his breather works well.
Also switching the Death Star for corusant is fine by me … but i dont think that its needed .. what is gained by the switch? There can be millions of reasons why a Death Star could take a long time being built for the first time and then a short time being built the second time around. (Politics, Economics, Technology issues ect.. ect..)

Because im a perfectionist im not ready to say that this is the end all for Episode 3 cuts. For example jasonn’s Episode 1 and the phantom editors episode 2 are currently my preferred ep1 and ep2′s. Im not even looking for another ep1 or 2 because i have those.
However this episode 3 is only 98% of what im looking for, and i still think there is room to tweek and that a slightly better film is still possible.

Note, this is still an awesome cut and should not be overlooked!
Yes you! if you are thinking this edit isnt good enough for you, think again, this is a great edit and you should watch it.
This edit goes very far in its cutting and redeeming of this movie.

Things that could still be worked on to gain my own particular liking would be…
removal of seeing the little buz droids.
somehow fixing Windu vs Sidious i dont like the jumping around by sidious and the stand off at the window still bothers me its either the dialogue or something else but it still doesnt work for me, and sadly i do not have a suggestion for fixing it.
I dont like that there is a hologram of the Emperor and Anakin available to Obiwan and yoda to watch … shouldnt that conversation have been private?
Also the word younglings is still mentioned a few times im not sure if its removable.
I think its possible to tweek either the order of the scenes or the dialogue at the beginning regarding Anakins fall to the Emperors side. I have not seen it yet, but apparently CORGICAR’s cut of the film does that and improves on Anakins narrative that way.

One other thing i would have liked would be padme dieing at Anakins hand. She wakes up for only 1 second to say something to Obiwan and also she names Luke … i think her dialogue could have been removed and made to appear as though she was dead from the time of Anakins choke. I feel that would have been more effective.

Anyways this was a great cut, dont worry too much about what i think could have made it better (unless you plan on editing this again that is), its still 98% of what im looking for and its a great cut.

10 out of 10 AWESOME job! Congrats!

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