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(Updated: August 15, 2019)
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Overview - How do you fix a crappy reboot? Oh, how about making it a Silent? No more annoying voices! Check. How about shredding all the dull stuff? Say half the film. Check. How about Rey Mary Sue? Oh, you can’t. Bummer, dude.

Video - 854 X 480 AVC. Fair amount of added grain, not excessively so. Minimal damage effects, thank you! Other editors go hog-wild adding scratches and debris, never considering how hard restoration crews work to clean up damage for nit-picky buyers. So well done. Tinting is superb, particularly several of the day scenes with what appears to be two color tints. Aspiring editors, take note. Learn.

Audio - 256 kbps 2 Channel AAC. No subs, but inter-titles, yes! Music uses John Williams cues, and always reinforces visual goings on. This is sharp attention to detail. Lessor editors fumble this and permit rousing crescendos inappropriately inform a romance sequence. Only quibble (which I have ignored), the score is missing during the opening thirty seconds. To me, this is an error.

Narrative - As a stand alone, this hurtles at a gallop, yet is incoherent. Unless you are familiar with the full length original – and yes, everyone who views this is – this version is a hectic dash. Characters surface and react at a dizzying pace. Much of this stems from the original script, the writer of which has always shown indifference towards audience’s intelligence. TMBTM did better with his previous Silent Star Wars releases, and this narrative suffers by comparison.

Enjoyment - Somewhat of an improvement over “The Force Awakens.” At least you no longer hear characters talking like hyper excited eight year olds. Actually deriving pleasure, however, no, sorry. It still strikes me as pandering to target demographics, feeble characterizations, and lacking any sort of soul. In short, the Force is weak.

This is also much too long for a serial. Broken into fifteen minute chapters would have been more appropriate.

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