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Rogue One is a solid, enjoyable Star Wars movie, and TM2YC is an outstanding editor. So my expectations were high going in. Both the movie and editor happily surprised me: it turns out there IS a better R1 hidden inside the theatrical cut.

The narrative edits that really added to my enjoyment of the movie:
- The opening crawl and music, followed by the pan down from star field to planet. I expected it to feel merely like a gimmick, but this really does add a thrill of recognition and excitement.
- The sequencing of the characters introductions. The story flows better now.
- Removing the Krennic / Vader scene. The original scene was frustrating (Wait, I thought Krennic reported to Tarkin. Now he's reporting to Vader? So, is he Tarkin's peer? I'm confused.). Yes we lose a Vader scene, but now the relationship between Tarkin and Krennic stays central, making both of them stronger for me. And we thankfully lose the idiotic staging of that scene (Really? Why must the empire always include a bottomless pit in their structures, and with little or no railings to prevent accidents?)
- Multiple short trims to the final battle (in space and on the ground). Removing a few weak moments improves the overall pacing.

The technical edits are outstanding, as expected in a TM2YC edit.

TM2YC's narrative editing helps the story shine brighter, and his technical prowess makes the changes seamless. This edit convincingly replaces the original!
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