Star Wars: Rise of the Rebellion (Survival Edition)

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Rebellions are built on Hope
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Brief Synopsis:
This edit creates a narrative that focuses on Trust and provides a way for our heroes to live beyond the final conflict.
While I enjoy the narrative of the original film and appreciate that it takes a more realistic tone in regards to the reality of war, I thought it was tragic that LucasFilm killed off so many awesome characters and the potential they had in continuing their story. While I can't continue that story, I wanted to find a way to create a narrative for that potential to exist.
Other Sources:
Shamook's Tarkin deepfake (care of Burbin)
Derpfake's Leia deepfake
Odyssey: A Star Wars Fan Film
Rogue One FYC soundtrack
Star Wars vehicle sfx
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 soundtrack
Special Thanks:
Hal 9000
and all of the OT community who shared new ideas that I implemented in this edit
wilhelm scream
and viewers like you :)
Release Information:
Special Features
Editing Details:
Masking for implementing starfields, ships, etc.
Surround track creation to help rescore or adjust scenes
Color Correction to remove excessive blues and low green shadows/tints
Cuts and Additions:
- Custom Crawl
- Pan down to Krennic's shuttle flying under the rings of Lah'mu
- Removed Saw opening up hatch to find Jyn
- Removed Rogue One Title card, now hard cuts to Jyn waking up as if she was dreaming
- Removed planet card intro on Cassian's introduction, it now does a downward pan wipe
- Edited Informant scene to have the stormtrooper kill the informant instead of Cassian
- Cropped Jedah planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
- Added iris wipe transition to Jyn's rescue
- Cropped Yavin and Rebel Alliance planet cards to remove text (added sharpening to film)
- Removed scene of Draven telling Cassian to kill Galen Erso
- Removed second Bodhi scene where he meets Saw
- Inserted Shamook's Tarkin deepfake (thanks to Burbin for hi quality file)
- Removed Bor Gullet
- Removed Cassian's lines "We find Saw Guerrera we find your father" as they are approaching Jedha (editing credit to RogueLeader and Burbin)
"There’s a piece of clunky out of place dialogue that seems to be adr’d in. When we first get to Jedah, and Jyn wakes up from her dream, Cassian walks in and does a bit of chat with her: “That’s Jedah… or what’s left of it…” then he walks away while Jyn looks out the window, and yet even though Cassian walked away and his back is facing the camera we hear an awkward piece of unnecessary exposition: “We find Saw, we find your father.” I think the scene would flow nicer if that line is removed. Plus it’s an awkward thing for Cassian to say after endearing small talk since he was tasked to kill his father if they found him....I just think it’s placement and delivery feel off. It just feels like exposition that was adr’d in for anyone that was checking his phone during the rebel briefing scene. Doesn’t feel like the scene was shot with that piece of dialogue in mind and so it would flow better without it. And it would also flow better into the following scene, only having Cassian address Saw until here -
“What’s with the Destroyer?”
“It’s because of your old friend, Saw Guerrera.”" - Burbin
- Added tie sfx to transition from K2 to Jedha pan shot
- Removed Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba
- Added Battlefront Imperial track to Rebel ambush
- Removed camera cut to Jyn when K2 joins them in the city to create seamless continuous scenes.
- Shortened Chirrut's acrobatics to remove his "is your foot alright?" line and human shield antics
- Removed the cut to Jyn and Cassian to connect the continuous shot where Baze fires at the stormtroopers
- Removed Chirrut's "are you kidding me? I'm blind" line
- Inserted Shamook's Tarkin deepfake (thanks to Burbin for hi quality file)
- Cut Draven's confirmed orders to Cassian to kill Galen (editing credit to Burbin)
"If we’re removing the first conversation then it would make sense to keep the information from the audience all the way so that we find out alongside Jyn. Either have those orders looming over as we go along the adventure, or keep it as a mystery as Cassian becomes more and more agitated until Chirrut tells Jyn that he senses he’s about to kill. I’m fine with it either way."
- Color corrected Vader's eyes during his meeting with Krennic
- Cropped Edu planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
- Removed Krennic saying "FIRE!" when no one will confess to sending communications from Edu (editing credit to Burbin)
"One thing that’s always bothered me is when Krennic orders the Death Troopers to execute Galen’s team, he yells “Ready, aim, fire!” and then Galen steps in and says “Stop! It was me!”. Now, the Death Troopers don’t strike me as the type to hesitate following orders so truthfully Galen should’ve been shot down for stepping in. I wonder if the “fire!” could be trimmed so that Galen steps in before Krennic can finish the command." - Burbin
- Rescored Rebel Alliance meeting with Force theme
- Removed Bodhi's stuttering when asked who is stealing the imperial ship
- Cropped Scarif planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
- Removed close up of Jyn's face and her taking out the Kyber crystal when waiting for the code to go through (used later to establish that she's safe on the U-Wing)
- Inserted Shamook's Tarkin deepfake (thanks to Burbin for hi quality file)
- Cropped scene with R2 and 3P0 to remove them from the shot and reworked surround track to eliminate their dialogue
- Removed Baze running with troops through the water (to be used later)
- Removed U-Wing drop ship approach scene with Chirrut and rebels in view (to be used later)
- Removed Chirrut death
- Inserted trimmed version of Baze taking out the Death Troopers. It now runs along side Chirrut's faith in the force scene as if Baze has developed faith in the force as well. I think it's pretty powerful this way
- Removed Baze getting shot. He now walks calmly forward to protect Chirrut and takes all of the Death Troopers out (cut the last trooper with the grenade) and then calmly looks back at Chirrut as he approaches the lever. This brings their faith cycle into a unison. Baze who once ridiculed Chirrut for his faith, has found his own through Chirrut's unwaivering faith in the force
- Removed Rebel soldier death that dies covering for Bodhi
- Removed Bodhi's death
- Rescored Star Destroyer collision (Scrambling the Rebel Fleet & airplane collision/crash sfx)
- Inserted Shamook's Tarkin deepfake (thanks to Burbin for hi quality file)
- Added Bohdi calling up to the fleet asking for an immediate evac
- Added Corellian Corvette flyby sfx & Admiral Raddus saying "Blue Squadron get Rogue One!" after he says "All ships prepare for jump to hyperspace"
- Added scenes from Odyssey: A Star Wars Story (rebel troops running, storm troopers firing, rebels entering transport)
- Color corrected Vader's eyes when he is watching the Rebel fleet be massacred
- Repurposed and color corrected previously removed scenes to have a U-Wing transport pick up the survivors (U-Wing approaching to drop off troops, Jyn and Casian entering the elevator, Jyn looking at the kyber crystal, Chirrut, Baze and rogue one crew on the imperial transport)
- Created U-Wing leaving Scarif shot
- Inserted Removed shot of Jyn holding the Kyber crystal and repurposed shot of rogue one crew
- Layered/Masked Chroma Keyed U-Wing jumping to hyper space from Yavin over the top of star field to have rogue one escape
- Added RotJ opening shot of shuttle leaving the star destroyer; added two tie bombers escorting to match following scene;; added the Profundity; masked edges to have star destroyer enter into view infront of Profundity; added sfx to bridge scene
- Trimmed Vader's awkward hand gesture of choking rebel soldier and then motioning to fling him to the side. (it just looks too fan filmy for me)
- Inserted Derpfake's Leia deepfake
- Fixed audio volume transition into credits
- Added custom edited/fanedited credits
- Added grouped name credits to shorten credits and have them end on the the musical finale (the original doesn't for some reason)
- Added custom title cards to ending

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A solid edit - well planned and beautifully executed!
I loved the theatrical cut well enough to buy the blu-ray, and greatly appreciated "RotR - A Rogue One Edit", but Survival Edition is definitely my new go-to version. I truly enjoyed this edit. It managed to trim to perfection the annoying bits (mostly Saw Guerrera and the Tentacled Interrogator, but also the original depressing ending) and smooth out several tiny bits (like ADRed lines and fan-service).
My only issue is that the survival bit is very jump-cutty, but given the source material - amazing work.

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I really enjoyed this edit, a different ending to one of my favorite Star Wars movies. This won't be my go to version, but it was a nice fun change. Technically it was very solid, not perfect but very solid. Nice work!

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