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Star Wars: Rise of the Rebellion - A Rogue One Edit
August 21, 2017    
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Very well crafted edit. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, more so than the theatrical cut (which I really liked). The CG monstrosities looked better, the new scoring in places was excellent and the worst character in the movie for me is mercifully trimmed. Forrest Whitaker is great but I don't know what was going on with his acting or character in this one. Chirrut didn't bug me in the theatrical but I think I like him a bit more here. Removing Cassian's intro scene is a double-edged sword for me. I prefer it cut because it seemed contrived and started him a bit too harsh of a place IMO but then we don't meet him until a good bit later. I like that his arc was internal because Diego Luna is fantastic but I wished I had a bit more to start with. That being said, I would like that to be something other than the original scene we got, so...overall it's a positive. I'm fine with the Vader trims. It was a bit fan-servicey but honestly everything since the OT involving Vader is a bit fan-servicey. Really great technically, this edit replaced the theatrical cut for me.

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Thanks Cuddly for the review! I really appreciate the thought and honesty you put into this. :)

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