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I love R1 as well and I'am very pleased with your edit =).

Things that standout to me and I've really liked:
+ I don't dislike the absence of the crawl since these are anthologies and not main saga movies, but i also liked its inclusion as well as the custom scene of Krennic's Shuttle
+ I like what you did with Saw opening the hatch later on, it gives us a sense of mystery and leads us to almost 100% certainty that Jyn was captured by the Empire and later on we find the truth
+ I'm glad you've removed the all "Ring of Kafrene" scene
+ I hate Bor Gullet! Thank you! =)
+ I hate the scene of Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba! Thank you! =)
+ Excellent color corrections to Tarkin and Leia =)
+ I liked the new sound effect and change of score in the ISDs crashing scene
+ I don't dislike Vader's red lenses, it goes along with ANH and Star Wars Rebels but since Adywan corrected them as well in ANH and i love Ady's work, your edit completes the full circle =) and now all his appearances are consistent
+ Removal of all planets names titles, i don't like it. Thank You! =)
+ Good riddance of R2 and 3PO, it removes a stupid and inconsistency scene, since they are supposed to be in the Tantive IV already

Things that standout to me and I dislike or i think they could have been done in other ways:
- I would suggest this for the crawl:

"The Galactic Empire's reign of terror and fear
has spread across the galaxy.
Imperial forces control many regions of space and
continue to expand their oppressive influence.
Hope and freedom are beginning to fade.

The last remnants of the Old Republic's loyalists have formed
a Rebel Alliance to resist the Emperor's ever tightening grip.
Little do they know that the Empire's first super weapon
is being developed and constructed in secret.

Imperial Director Krennic has located the defected scientist,
Galen Erso, on the remote planet Lah'mu. His knowledge is
crucial to complete the final key element of this
new weapon that, once fully operational, will be used to crush
any and all resistance and bring order to the galaxy..."

- Why have you removed Red Five's death? It tells us how Luke got his call sign and place in Red Group. It is a bit stupid in the way they've done it but perhaps you could have used some footage to of him leaving formation and trying to be a hero by goading the 4 TIE Fighters from the main group and leaving Red Leader's line "Stay Close Red Five, where're you going?" and then kill him without us seeing the pilot or his cry for help
It can also be removed like you did because there plenty unknown pilots and many died in battle. Either way it works.
- You could have trimmed part of the scene where Krennic shoots down Kassian and looks Jyn climbing up because, we don't see the Death Trooper that was shot and should dead on the floor
- When Vader enters the Profundity his chest plate and belt lights are off, maybe they've done that to create a more terrifying scene but i think it's wrong and later when he watches the Tantive IV fleeing the belt lights are on. It appears as if his suit is off without the lights. That would be difficult for him to use the force to sustain him and fight at the same time. If you could change this and add the lights it would be cool.
- I like Vader's gesture pulling the rebel soldier to the side
- I wish that a lot more sound effects could have been added, like turbolaser fire sounds, blasters, engines, etc like in that maple R1 fan edit that we spoke about. Two examples are the ISDs turbolasers and the Shield gate's turrets fire sounds

Overall i think it is a great edit and it'll be my edit of choice whenever i want to view R1.

PS: I hope you do a v2.0 if you feel it deserves some more editing =)

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