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when rogue one first came out i didnt hate it but at the same i there was just something about it that made it feel forced to me.So when this edit came out i was slightly apprehensive that removing a few scenes could change how i felt about the movie. Then i watched it and boy was i wrong ,right from the start i found that i was actually interested in jyn's story and by removing most of her backstory and keeping her a mystery you emphathize a lot more with her character as she comes across now more of a recluse now moving from place to place trying to blend in without being noticed.

Overall i really enjoyed the edit and choice of cuts. personally i would have cut the recruitment of galen .(would have used a shortened version as a flashback)i would have kept his fate a mystery .jyn's real identity is revealed in the first 15minutes anyway.

Most of the cuts really make the movie flow and without a doubt make you want to re-watch this movie over and over.

Just remember "I am one with the force and the force is with me"

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