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Rogue one was, for the first time, something different to what we where used to in Star Wars films. I remember people around me commenting so and they where right. Unfortunately, for me, that wasn't enough to make me like it, no matter how excellent the visual effects or cinematography where. My overall enjoyment was around 5-6. At first I gave a try to "Rogue One: The Battle of Scarif" by eldusto84. Although technically an excellent edit and it actually succeeded in creating a 50min version of this movie without feeling like a mess, it was far too aggressive for me. I mean, if we didn't do that with "The Phantom Menace", we certainly didn't need to do this with this one.

Technical-wise, the audio and visual editing for "Rise of Rebellion" is excellent! I didn't notice or "feel" that anything was tampered with, in any scene. And that goes also for DigiModiFicaTion's version of this called "Survival Edition", where all the characters live at the end. So job well done here! Not that I was expecting anything less, having seen before "The Coaxium Heist" and "Thor: Ragnarok trimmed edition" by the same editor.

On the narrative side of things, which is the most important part for me, it was also a big improvement! More streamlined, less annoying parts and clever addition removing Saw looking down the secret hatch from the first time. Although, I'll have to agree with Wakeupkeo's review, that I feel the movie needed a biiit more extra trimming. It still feels too long. Otherwise, the changes where more than welcome!

So, this edit is reccomended to anyone who found the original 'ok' and above. If you did, this will be your go-to version! To anyone who did not like the original at all, I don't think this will do anything for you.

Thank you DigiModiFicaTion, thanks to anyone who read my review and may the force be with you!

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