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After watching Hal9000's fantastic edits of Episodes I & II, I finally was able to conclude a prequel marathon that I thoroughly enjoyed with Siliconmaster's masterful edit of Episode III!

I have not seen many Episode III fanedits, as I would always give up after disappointing experiences with I & II, but Hal9000's edits of I & II changed that. Seeing what Hal9000 accomplished in I & II without significant restructuring or too much cutting, I decided to go with Siliconmaster's edit of III as it seemed to be even lighter on the changes and cuts, and I feel III is the strongest of the prequels in its original form. Now even stronger, as the best elements have been reinforced and strengthened (the characterization and motivation of Anakin in particular).

There may have been a transition or two where I noticed a cut, though nothing memorable enough to detract from the experience. So insignificant, in fact, that it may have just been my knowledge of the original made me notice them at all. In any case, this edit was of the highest quality and only gets a point off for enjoyment due to personal preference concerning 1 or 2 brief scenes that I personally would remove if I had these editing skills.

As with Hal9000's Episodes I & II, Siliconmaster has elevated this film (and the prequel trilogy) to a place I never though possible: a worthy companion to the original trilogy!

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