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First of all - thank you for your contributions to the fanedit community!

This fanedit is for those that loved ROTS "as-is" , saw those deleted scenes and now - YOU REALLY WANT those put back into the movie as professionally as possible. This is it!

As I have made a return to the fanedit scene and noticed a new batch of folks using new technology and continuing this fantastic way of watching the movies we purchased and own. Yes, an extended version of ROTS exists made about 10 years ago by ADigitalMAn which I obtained back then and continued to watch it for years. However, when I saw this latest extended cut -- I had to give it a try!

First off - the downloaded version I obtained while it had superior video quality, unfortunately the sound was 2-channel and not surround. I suspect this is because of download size and time constraints. Therefore PLEASE contact me as I want to make arrangements to obtain the MOST SUPERIOR COPY you have - via download or I love your fanedit and want to make it part of my collection and show it to other Star Wars fans. The audio and script edits/additions, were amazing and smooth and I totally enjoyed this improvement over my original fanedit.

Let's discuss the Grevious Jedi Slaughter and Elevator Antics addition - my original extended cut put this back in too, but with the unfinished scene of them traveling in the fuel liquid being pursued by droids. While at first I was concerned about this being left out as I was used to it from my original fanedit, after watching this NEW cut - I'm glad you left it with the superior sound and picture, this makes sense and showing the unfinished footage would have been too awkward now!

Therefore, your thought process in making this new extended cut really highlights your upgrades in sound, script, and editing and is impressive! Therefore - I love it and hope you do this with the other Star Wars flicks as well! While there are fanedits that make drastic changes to an original cut - sometimes folks just want those deleted scenes skillfully re-added to make an extended cut and you do it very professionally - please keep it up!

Steve Miller

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