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Ladies and Gentlemen: Wesa Free of Hayden and Nooooooo!

Q2's Return of the Jedi edit is subtle, yet effective. I appreciated the minimalist approach to this edit, replacing only those things that really stood out negatively.

Video Quality: I personally disapprove of the Blu-Ray quality for this film. While some scenes look brilliant, others stand out for not having received the same treatment. I often found Harmy's footage preferable to the worst portions of the blu. This is not the editor's fault, though I do wish a few of the worst offenders could have been cleaned up slightly.

Visual editing: Everything transitioned smoothly. Nothing took me out of the edit at all.

Audio editing: Everything was crisp and clear. Certain portions MAY have had volume issues, but I watched it with kids running in and out of the room so I won't mark you down there :P

Narrative: The narrative really wasn't affected in this cut. It was nice to view the original musical number and the Shaw Anakin in such a high quality format, which are technically small narrative pieces. The only reason I mark this down at all is... after seeing Spence's cut placing Yoda at the beginning, it's how I want it to be.

Enjoyment: This was very enjoyable to watch and will be my go to version, especially for marathons. The only real reason for the point of is the same as narrative - I really think if done well, Spence's rearranging of the beginning is the way that it should be. However, that is outside the scope of this edit's intended purpose, and the original narrative track is still very enjoyable. Oh... and the herd of banthas is still awful...

In the end, this is a wonderful addition to the fanedit community, and I will go so far as to say this is a worthy placeholder for RotJ:Revisited, especially for purists.
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