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Great edit. Many subtle changes made that can easily go unnoticed, but a lot of effort was clearly put in (Envy the editor, I do not). I don't agree with all the cuts (more on that below), but overall this is a much stronger version of TFA and one that I would probably choose to watch over the theatrical.

Visual editing was excellent, (new FX like lightsabers and holograms go way over my head), though I have some minor niggles:

- "Who talks first" removal felt awkward. Would work best with one less shot of Poes face IMO. In the last shot it looks like Poe is about to say something.
- I get that it was changed for consistency, but that sunset Tie fighter shot looked soooo good. Now it looks a bit washed out.
- Snoke hologram was a much needed change. I remember seeing the film in the cinema and genuinely thinking he was a giant alien. It honestly didn't clock that he was a hologram until made apparent at the end of the film. To be a nitpicker though, the blue was a little harsh on the eyes in some shots and didn't blend entirely seamlessly IMO. A deeper blue and less hologram jitter would work well.
- Masked Ren during Rey's interrogation was well done, but not to my taste. It's a good moment for him to be revealed IMO. She calls him out as a masked weirdo and he responds like a taunted teenager (which is exactly what he is). It shows a vulnerable side to him and gives weight to Rey's resisting of his powers. I also missed the look on his face when Rey says "you'll never be as strong...". This was well edited though. Some shots you could tell were taken from Kylo sitting on the other side of the room, but generally it was very convincing.

Audio editing:

Kudos on this. Bad audio editing is my pet peeve and I'm usually on it like a shark. I didn't pick up anything arry though and there was much eyebrow-raising when I read the cutlist!


- I never had a problem with the Tie fighter blowing up after sinking in the sand. Now that it doesn't, it kinda feels like Finn gives up on Poe a bit too easily. Whereas the explosion wiped out any hope of him being alive.
- I get this was cut for pacing, but I missed "that's not how the force works". It cracks me up every time ;)
- R2 not being asleep was a nice move, but is a bit shaky narrative wise - now it seems weird that we neither see nor hear of him during the film and then he turns up at the end magically weilding the needed map ('ello Deus Ex Machina).

Take a look at the cutlist though and you'll see these are minor complaints. A lot of great work was put into this and the film is stronger overall as a result. Great work, Dig!

Now... (cough)... Good luck editing The Last Jedi! ;)
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