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(Updated: February 13, 2022)
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To start with, my brief thoughts on the original TFA. I loved it! Say what you will about all the "member berries" and the copy paste script from Episode IV, all correct obviously, but I loved it. I'm talking about an enjoyment factor 9. So, for me to see a fanedit of this, it had to bring something special to the table, besides just trimming scenes. From what I saw, there where two takes on the narrative side of things. Moving the destruction of the planets to coincide with Han Solo's death (spoiler alert) and this, delaying Kylo's parentage and face reveal. Both had me really intrigued, but I went first with the planet thingy, mostly because I was carried away by the fans that preferred this over Kylo's take. So, I saw HAL's edit first, but I realized I did not like that version of storyline, even though it was flawlessly edited. I've also written a review for HAL's version, so you can check my reasoning there.

Now moving on to this version. Well, DigiModiFicaTion worked his magic once again! This is the 4th piece of work I'm watching from this editor, and I haven't only seen his Star Wars projects, so I knew I was in for, at least, excellent quality stuff. Indeed, on the audio visual editing side of things everything was almost perfect! I say almost, because the scene where Kylo interrogates Rey, is kind of weird, because all the scenes with his mask off are edited out. So I was feeling throughout the scene that something was tampered with. Not a huge deal and I'm guessing nothing else could be done, but it should be mentioned.

On the narrative side of things, oh boy, did this work for me!! Making the reveal of Kylo happening at the end, made so much sense! And it was also the way that it was done by the editor! You get the first piece of info when Kylo says at Vader's mask, "Grandfather", so you know he is either the son of Leia or Luke's. But since he is a wannabe sith, something that also leans towards that with other pieces of info later in the movie, you think it is definitely Luke's son. You get the definitive answer at the very end, with Han. Also removing the lashing out parts of Kylo made him truly more menacing and less "teenage-y". Generally, if someone had watched this as a first viewing of the TFA, it would have elevated the film. for that person, a lot!

Other trimmed scenes, throughout the movie, were also very welcome, with the exception of the following:
- At the beginning, cutting the line from Poe telling Finn "You need a pilot", was, I believe, a mistake. Not because the joke was good, that's an editor's preference, but exactly because it was meant to be a joke, the actor who plays Finn oversells the line "because it's the right thing to do". Now that the response from Poe is cut, it just seems as bad acting and not because Finn meant what he said. I was really suprised with this cut.
- Another cut that was unnecessary, was Poe recognising his jacket on Finn. I mean, it really is his jacket and he gives it to Finn, why was it so wrong, so it had to be cut?
- At the part where Kylo hears the bad news about the escape, the editor cutted the lashing out, with the lightsaber, part. That was great, but I felt the force chocking, could be left in. I mean, all the sith have done it numerous times, for less reasons than hearing bad news. So it wouldn't be out of place, with the general idea of the edit, if it was left in.
- My only "negative" comment with the overall Kylo's parentage idea here, is that in a very short time, Kylo senses and mentions Han Solo twice. I think it would have worked better, with the overall leading the audience towards Luke being the father, if Kylo mentions Han only when he enters the Millennium Falcon.
- Moving towards the end, I don't think removing the info about R2 shutting down since Luke's disappearance, works better. Because since we have no knowledge about R2 and we just see him at the end with the map, there no reason he wouldn't inform Leia and the others that he has the missing piece. Now he just looks like a jerk. Not that I agree with R2 shutting down, but since he has this crucial, small part in the movie, we can live with having a brief mention about his shutting down shenanigan.
- Lastly, I really don't understand why there should be no Luke scene at the end. I mean, it is a great cliffhanger, even now. Would you remove the cliffhanger from Empire Strikes Back, just because you know how that went in the sequel?

Be that as it may, the Kylo parentage and face reaveal thing, still outweighs the negatives I mentioned and I can safely say that this will be my go-to version of the film. I just wish there where subtitles, but I understand how tedious and long work that would be.

So, I definitely recommend this to anyone, even if you liked the original a lot. It will be your go-to version and you will wonder why on earth this wasn't done in the original!

Thank you DigiModiFicaTion, thanks to anyone who read my review and may the force be with you!

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