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(Updated: February 08, 2021)
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The pendulum has swung when it comes to TLJ for me. I have liked it, hated it, respected it, and now I love it, every second of it.

For a while this was my go-to, but now whenever I watch it there are things I miss. For example, poppasketti took out the Canto Bight segment which, while a very sound decision tonally and in terms of pacing, I think it compromises the movie a bit, thematically, and it's not a leap I'm willing to make. I love the prequels so I don't really mind the tonal shift - I think the camp is most welcome. But there's obviously a lot of good in the edit.

The change to Finn's suicide run is most welcome, as is the trimmed SNL phone call at the beginning of the movie, and many other little cuts throughout, It's still a superb edit and technically impeccable, I might even make a hybrid between this and the theatrical. But at this point in my life I love the movie too much and think this edit unfortunately takes too much away. I would, however, still recommend this to anyone that isn't completely happy with the original movie,

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