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I usually watch fanedits of movies when I think the movie had something interesting in it, but it had too many flaws. TLJ was a prime candidate for me. I'm in the minority who actually liked this movie. It's got new stuff, new ideas, it expands on the previous movies while examines and even subverts a lot of SW ideas in good ways. Still, it had a lot of flaws for me. And I'm not talking about the usual SW fan gripes; it's the silly humour or Johnson's compulsion to subvert expectations.
I wish I could watch the other fanedits to compare them, but for now this is enough and I can say poppasketti made an excellent job. Again, I already like the uncut version, but poppasketti made it even better, and I'd recommend this version for a first viewer. The best reason for this is that I cannot even tell what's been cut or changed except for 5 prominent (and good) examples. Every other change is therefore seamlessly made and are good choices.
The length is more bareable this way, with cutting the blighted (haha) Canto Bight plot. It feels a little abrupt how quickly they leave the planet, and maybe there were a few dialogues there that were thematically relevant, but overall I'm glad it's shortened. Finn's and Phasma's confrontation is also cut, after which our heroes' escape is again abrupt, but it's good for the pacing (also, remember that the ship has just been torn in half, so there's supposed to be a sense of urgency).
The other two examples are massive upgrades: Luke's saber toss is almost dramatic with this music choice (Ryan, must you subvert everything?), and I was surprised how seamlessly Finn's sacrifice was changed - now it actually works and we don't have to suffer Rose's bullshit explanation.
And a bonus: I knew from the description that Kylo's hinting was cut, but I was still surprised to see how effective it was.
Most of the silly jokes are also cut, although the ones still in there are difficult to cut (like when Rey mistakes a blade of grass with the Force). Still, I like how this editor "retained the lighthearted spirit."
Johnson has a few other choices that I don't agree with, but those can't be fixed by faneditors. Overall, I really like Rekindled as it improves TLJ greatly.

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