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Oh my god, I could not believe this was possible, but poppasketti's Rekindled edit made me love this movie. It was really hard to watch it in the cinema and I tried watching it again in the form of the other edits. I don't want to take anything away from the hard work of other editors on this movie, I respect their passion and their work but only this one was able to repair the movie for me. This was the only edit I could watch through and actually care about. I don't know what was exactly the reason for it, but that's the whole magic, isn't it? :)
As close as this movie is to truly be a stinker, as fragile any edit is on still revealing the potential stink behind it, only this edit was able to make me forget it, it lays like a force hologram over the original version, making it finally appear worthy of being star wars!

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