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When the Last Jedi came out it pretty much killed my love for Star Wars. Poppasketti's fanedit Rekindled did just that, it rekindled my love and passion for this franchise. Who knew changing a few things could do that? He made filet mignon out of cat food.

I absolutely loved how he handled the Finn and Rose side-quest and battle on Crait. What about Leia's space adventure? It never happened! The lightsabre toss is still there but it seemed more serious this time around due to a musical change.

As much as I enjoyed this, there were still a few changes I would like to see if a second version comes out.

1. Poe's line of not recongizing Holden. She's second in charge and has a reputation. How does he not know what she looks like? That would be like a soldier in the army not knowing who the Vice President was.

2. I would remove the entire Yoda scene. He destroys thousand years old texts and then makes a mockery of the entire belief system. It feels too much like a dig at Star Wars fans and religion.

3. In Luke and Leia's scene he tells her he can't save Ben. She says she knows her son is gone. Then he says no one is ever truly gone. Cut that line and go straight to him holding her hand. He contradicts himself.

4. At the end Leia says today the rebellion is reborn but Luke said the exact same thing like 2 minutes earlier. I would leave Luke's talk with Kylo but cut Leia's line.

5. The ghost dice really bother me. I would either have them not disappear or not be shown at all.

That's my wish list of changes but this version really is great. I highly recommend it and look forward to any future edits he makes of this or other movies.

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