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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Rekindled
March 18, 2019    
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First of all, I want to say that I have not watched many TLJ fan edits. However, I have watched this one, and the notorious Ivan Ortega Fan Fix. So this review is from two perspectives; compared to the Ortega edit, and the original film.

I watched the Rekindled earlier this week. Wow, I actually really enjoyed the movie. Albeit, the plot is still a low speed space chase, and no amount of editing could change that. This edit really did feel more like a Star Wars movie. I was way more engaged, not constantly being removed from the film from a terrible joke, or awkward scene. All in all, just so much better.

I had read some of the fixes prior to watching and loved what I read, but was concerned how a few scenes would play out.

saber toss- the change in music, while keeping the saber toss actually, surprisingly worked well. I was shocked how it gave the saber toss weight, it served as a visual cue to us viewers that Luke has changed his perspective on the Jedi, and keeping us in that moment. Instead of laughing at an antic, we are now in the same boat as Rey, saying, wait.... why did he throw his light saber, what is going on.

Leia Spacewalk - this worked well. In the notes it said inspired by Ivan Ortega version. However, I feel this version on rekindled, is much better than Ivan's.

Speaking of Ivan Ortega... lets just say that Mr. Ortega has not been very well received by the community, and some of that may be justified. His edit just released, and I viewed it as soon as possible. While some of his ideas for story telling were good, honestly i would rate A/V quality, Visual & Audio Editing at 3/10. For me, there is no need to watch that edit, when something like Rekindled is available. However, he did add a lot of original material: Voice acting, and additional scenes, but since they are not PERFECT, they really stick out to me and took me out of the movie a bit too much.

Back to Poppasketti, dude, great job. This is definitely my definitive version of the film. Very hard to tell you are watching a fan edit (which is top priority for me) and it improved the original so much! Thank you!

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