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Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi: Rekindled
March 18, 2019    
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First thing, I mostly dislike every aspect of the original film except the ship battle in the beginning and the final climax between Luke and Kylo. Said that it's really hard for me to give high ratings to this movie whatever how good the edit can be. Overall, it's a pretty solid edit.

If you enjoyed the theatrical version (still having some remarks), this is the best edit you could imagine. It vastly improves the original and the excised length (12 min) is wisely chosen. Some audio changes like Luke's throwing the lightsaber or BB8 antics are seamless executed. The 3 deleted scenes added clearly supports the narrative.

However, for my taste, a more ambitious cut list (Canto Bight, Poe's mutiny, Fin and Rose infiltration in Snoke's ship) should have been required to rise up my enjoyment. In that regard, I strongly recommend "The Fallen Knight" edit by Zuckerberg.

In conclusion, here the faneditor shows fine editing skills and makes SW:TLJ far more enjoyable than the theatrical cut. This edit is a must for SW fans!

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Written by digmodification
March 30, 2019
Last updated:
March 30, 2019
Manu, Is the 5 enjoyment score for the movie or the edit? You might consider the enjoyment of the edits vs the film. I too do not like this movie, but I throughly enjoyed some of the edit choices such as the reworking of Snoke's demise. Just a thought.
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Written by manu90
March 31, 2019
It's the edit. I am sorry for the low score because indeed it's not the editor's fault. As I said in my review it's hard to enjoy the edit when the original material is that poor IMO. Unfortunately, that contributes to me in the overall enjoyment. If I have to give a score about my enjoyment of the original film it would be literally 1.
2 results - showing 1 - 2