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(Updated: July 13, 2018)
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Hal9000's The Last Jedi: Legendary is an excellent edit that addresses many issues with which fans of the series took umbrage. For fans of his work on the prequel trilogy and his The Force Awakens: Restructured, I would highly recommend this version of the movie.

The criticisms I have of this edit are ones which many other fans will probably enjoy. For instance, the Canto Bight sequence is perhaps truncated to the point of pointlessness, which many would argue is Hal's point in the cuts, but, for myself, it makes Finn and Rose's capture and escape pass by far too fast. Their sudden appearance in a ship with DJ was a little jarring for me. I enjoyed the caretakers, though they are not missed in this edit.

The thing that perhaps stuck out the most is the constant visual compression noise present in the video, a problem which Hal has addressed himself in the originaltrilogy forums. (I watched the DVD version, so I cannot speak to the quality of the Blu-Ray.)

Overall, a great alternative to the theatrical release for anyone who only had minor qualms with the movie, such as myself. (I actually think this may be the strongest entry in the saga since Empire.)

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