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I share quite a history with TLJ (see my review of DonKamillo's Anti-Cringe-Cut for the full story). Long story short: for almost two years this film really my hurt my ever-lasting love for Star Wars. Until I discovered the fanedits of this film.

The Fallen Knight made me not hate it anymore, the Anti-Cringe-Cut made me like it and TLJ: Legendary made me love it. Perfect video and audio quality/editing (visually TLJ has always been an impressing film) and 100% improved storytelling by getting rid of all disctracting things (which there too many of to name them all).
Only things I didn't like that are still in this edit: the shot of Luke drinking milk, Carrie Poppins and Rose saving Finn.

Gladly TLJ: Rekindled by poppasketti builds up on this edit and fixes all of my remaining problems with this. If it holds up by video/audio quality/editing, it'll be my definitive go-to version for the future.

Nonetheless: thank you, Hal9000 for the amazing work! As always a fantastic edit. Really excited for the finished version of TROS: Ascendant, the workprint v4 is already quite good.

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