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(Updated: July 24, 2019)
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This edit of the Last Jedi addresses Finn (John Boyega) and Rose's (Kelly Marie Tran) adventure on Canto Bight. In the original film, they become distracted and almost forget about the First Order's impending obliteration of the Resistance fleet.

Finn is dazzled by the glamorous casino environment and Rose lectures him about gambling culture. Their relationship is tense. When they disappointingly fail to complete their mission, their time on Canto Bight seems wasteful. Also, Rose's kiss with Finn on Crait is unsupported by their time together.

Instead, Hal 9000 makes the Finn and Rose storyline feel more urgent and less inessential. The editor removes most of the casino scenes and their encounter with child slaves in a stable. By cutting Rose's criticism of capitalism, she becomes less salty and more sweet. The pair work as a team. Rose's romantic feelings towards Finn now feel more credibile.

The force sensitive boy from the cut stable scene appears at the climax. His ring with a resistance symbol will confuse viewers. It may be better to re-insert the stable scene and include a condensed version of Rose and Finn's galloping escape on the fathier creatures. Otherwise, the ring close-up shot should be cut.

Hal 9000 has tempered the director's humour and retained the original film's narrative. The visual and sound editing are excellent.

This review is based on the first version of Hal 9000's edit. I have read the change list for the second version and would recommend watching either of them.

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