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I have seen many edits of Last of the Jedi to mixed results. Most don't take if far enough and I felt the original theatrical cut was convoluted and weak. It was just not for the fans but it had great ingredients. The Cringe-cut has taken what it could and made it into something great. My only complaint was the scroll should not say Cringe-cut and that is because it is a disservice to this great fan-edit. I felt like this is go-to so why not make the scroll fit in with the series.
I am not a fan-editor but have seen my share to know talent and making this movie fit into Star Wars world takes skill. *Spoiler alert-Though, handling of Leia and Luke will cause much disturbance in the (fan-based) force I think this was just better especially due to what sadly happened to Carrie Fisher. Motivations changed, sub-plots removed, scenes that are over the top or just too silly have been excised.

I had no issues with edits or sound issues, I just plain enjoyed a slimmed down, action packed Star Wars movie. Remember when they were fun and the good guys/gals win!

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Owner's reply October 07, 2018

"Remember when they were fun and the good guys/gals win!"
The good old times... :)

Thanks for the review Doug!

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