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(Updated: October 16, 2021)
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This is by far the best version of TLJ that I've seen. The theatrical cut was a disaster and DonKamillo has turned a movie that I loathed for ruining Star Wars into one that I actually enjoy now. All the SJW woke rubbish is gone and you can enjoy the movie without the progressive stuff being rammed down your throat. It also presents the Luke that we all know and love. Thank you for this.

I can't comment on the technical aspects of the edit apart from the fact that I didn't notice anything that drew me out of the movie. Therefore I give it a 10.

The only challenge that I have to note is regarding some of the narrative choices in DonKamillo's TLJ that setup what is an ambitious and challenging TROS anti cringe cut. Many bold narrative choices are made in DonKamillo's TROS, which is to be commended, some of which are established in DonKamillo's TLJ . The radical edit of TROS anti cringe cut is a more challenging viewing and may not be everybody's cup of tea. In my opinion this is due to the pacing and shorter cut scenes, making the story difficult to follow. This is through no error of DonKamillo but rather attributed to the poor source material and lack of deleted scenes (I note that this is not yet the definitive version). The reason that I raise this is because DonKamillo's TLJ is so fantastic but viewers may want to pair it with a different fan edit of TROS until DonKamillo's ROTS Definitive Cut is released, The only issue is that DonKamillo's TLJ is only really compatible with DonKamillo's TROS from a narrative persespective and cannot be watched with other versions of TROS. But as a stand alone movie TLJ Anti Cringe Cut is THE BEST!!!!

Thank you for putting my love back into Star Wars. I will be showing my kids this version.

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