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(Updated: November 28, 2020)
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HUGE Star Wars fan here. Like many, after seeing TLJ in theaters I was devastated. I had so much hype for that film after what I thought was a decent theatrical TFA, but to me the theatrical TLJ is nothing sh0rt of an abomination and pure disrespect to the Star Wars I knew and loved. This movie destroyed whatever I liked about 7 and took away 99% of my hype for 9.

But this edit... This changed EVERYTHING. I watched this edit under the perspective of "The Crucible Canon" and I was blown away by how much I enjoyed this film now. Thank you, DonKamillo, for making a cut that (no lie) brought a tear to my eye just to see Luke handled in a more respectful way.

A/V Quality: Perfect to my eyes, didn't notice anything there which gives this area a 10.

Visual Editing: I didn't see anything jarring here either. This is an easy 10, especially due to the Luke lightsaber change.

Audio Editing: I noticed some slight audio drops in a few scenes (especially when Luke has Rey "reach out" and she goes to the Dark Side, his lines are very quiet after that), but nothing too frequent.

Narrative: If it was possible to give this higher than a 10 I would do it in a heartbeat. Somehow Don took something I swore I'd never watch again into a story that... dare I say it, I actually enjoyed? You'd be amazed how much trimming out the fat from this movie helps this story (and there was A LOT of fat). No more cringe-y lines, no "your mom" jokes, no obnoxious Rose, no forced real world political messaging, NO MORE MURDEROUS LUKE. I can't say enough about how much this narrative is improved. Not only are the indigestible portions out, there are incredible new ideas in. Instead of a whiny, depressed, hermit, Luke now seems like just a very old, tired, and disappointed man with decades of burdens who finds his spark one last time to save the galaxy again. THIS is the Luke I grew up with. Having him survive truly brought a tear to my eye, and I said "Luke is back" with a smile on my face. Something I NEVER thought I'd say in regards to the ST.

Enjoyment: Whereas I would've originally gave TLJ a 1/10 in the theater version, I would score the TLJ Anti-Cringe cut an 8.5/10 film, which earns a 10/10 performance for this edit. Again, watching this edit under "The Crucible Canon" perspective that is linked above changed everything about my experience with this movie. I am actually excited to watch TRoS now (Anti-Cringe version, of course).

Near perfect and my go-to version of this movie now. Improved an unbelievable amount over the original, especially in terms of the Luke story and removing the insufferable scenes. Could use a little touchup on audio in a few places. Easily the best TLJ edit I have ever seen.

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