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(Updated: October 12, 2021)
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(Spoiler Alert - some key differences between official release and fan edit mentioned)
I agree with DonKamillo when he stated, "This movie was a mess! It managed to subvert fan expectations in the worst way and was riddled with plot holes and pointless twists and turns." He further stated, "Maybe with some changes here and there, it could be possible to redeem this movie." Redeem it he did!

DonKamillo, took a bad movie, and made it decent. Stating that it is decent is in no way to minimize my opinion of his abilities. On the contrary, just as a good cook can only do but so much with a bad recipe, and low quality ingredients, so is the case with this Anti-Cringe edit.
A few of examples of poor ingredients used by a good cook are: Rian Johnson could have been original if he had not begun the movie with an evacuation reminiscent of ESB, including the line about forgetting some of the equipment, and detecting the Star Destroyers upon them coming out of light speed;
Next, how was it that the Star Dreadnought did not detect Poe's X-Wing, the bombers and other ships until they were in visual range, close enough even to fire upon the massive flagship? Shouldn't their radar have detected the ships farther away? By contrast, the comparably small rebel base in the beginning of ESB detected the Star Destroyers from the surface of a planet.
Lastly, there was little DonKamillo could do about the glaring feminist agenda, and socioeconomic commentary within the story, but minimize and cut where possible, as he did. In doing so, he made it so that those of us who abhorred the original VIII can actually watch and enjoy this and IX, again Anti-Cringe of course, without being completely exasper​at​ed, and feeling like money was wasted buying the blu-rays.

As for a technical review, there were a couple of places where the audio seemed a bit loud. I can remember two instances, off the top of my head, as it were: The scene where Luke mourns for Han, and the transition from VIII to IX at the end of the movie. The latter was more noticeable. Those aside, great editing!

In short, from the modified crawl to the Luke lives and TRoS lede ending, this is a great edit of a bad movie. Great job, DK!

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