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This edit managed to keep me awake and interested, which was the main reason for me watch it at all :-)
I'm not the type of guy who falls asleep all the time watching movies, but "Star Wars- The Last Jedi" (the original cut) really sent me sleeping even twice!!
By comparing the "Anti-Cringe" with the original again I noticed some more stuff of course...
So, what I liked was the fitting pace and feel, many of the dumb/funny moments out, and an overall nice, convincing and smooth editing, making for a good Star Wars feel. The way Leia Organa's passing is handled is really great, as it's atmospheric and emotional, that was one of the edit's biggest advantages!
What I didn't like was Finn's and Rose's romance being edited out completely, as I thought it was rather nice and explain why Finn's love interest moves away from Rey. With some soft hints (not that "forced" kiss), it would have been perfect.
As for "DJ"... I'm a big Benicio Del Toro fan, so there's a tear in my eye that he's also edited out, but I admit that the "Anti-Cringe Cut" does very well without it.

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