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I only gave narrative / enjoyment a 9/10 because there's only so much you can do when removing large chunks of the film without hindering pacing or making certain characters appear as if from nowhere without proper introduction.

All things considered, I really enjoyed this cut of the film and didn't even realize all the casino nonsense was gone until they were battling on Crait, and it dawned on me how pointless it really all was. This felt a lot more like Star Wars - in that it didn't feel completely disjointed from the style of the films surrounding it, didn't feel like a one off, and didn't include an post-credits-before-the-credits Marvel ending that made it feel like nothing of a trilogy. It felt like a proper follow-up to Force Awakens, not a movie that said "aaaaah forget everything you just saw or we told you to care about, care about this other crap instead".

The video and audio quality are fantastic, but I only listened to the stereo track and can't judge the surround one.

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