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Having been left feeling very deflated by the Force Awakens I have yet to see another Star Wars film in the cinema. Getting the Blu-Rays and trying to avoid spoilers has been my preferred strategy. When the Last Jedi was released I managed to avoid spoilers, but there was a lot of talk about someone called Rose that I kept seeing on my social media. I get the Blu Ray in March last year and I am aghast at the film. This is supposed to be Star Wars? It took me three attempts to get through the film!

However, having watched Don Kamillo's edit I can say that this is now my go-to version. Don has removed a lot of the rubbish, leaving the story to focus more on Rey and Luke, and to a lesser extent the Rebels' escape. The only real casualty of Don's narrative is Finn, as most of his story is tied up with the worthless Rose (Who thankfully now is more or less an extra). More scenes with Poe are also a bonus (Glad that his "mutiny" scene is gone).

The look and sound of this edit are spot on. The new music additions don't jar, and logos at the start and the end are priceless (They certainly got a laugh when we watched this last night). Thanks to Don for polishing a turd in to what is now a decent film. Also we spotted the Wilhelm scream.

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Owner's reply February 12, 2019

Happy to hear you liked the Anti-Cringe experience :) Appreciate the review!

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