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Ok - cards on the table here folks...
I'm not a Star Wars anorak; Yes I've seen them all from the original in '77. Like most people, for me the 3 Prequels almost ruined the 'original' 3.
Bottom line - I like to watch a good story that's well told; effects and big name actors can't save a crap film.
SO, to say I was disappointed with TLJ's Theatre release is an understatement - I hated it... never wanted to see it again, etc etc.
I was wary in reading thru' the various Fan Edits here, but this one caught my eye... 'Anti_Cringe-Cut' ? Sounds interesting and it should be a somewhat shorter film too [given the amount of cringe in it!]
I really can't believe the job DonKamillo has done here - he has actually rescued TLJ from the Knacker's Yard!

Stupid attempts at humour - gone
F***in' Porgs! - [almost all] gone
Ach-To Caretakers [also, almost all] gone - But I could really have slept quite soundly without the hooley-around-the-campfire scene!
Canto-Bight's unneccessary side story - gone [praise the gods!]
Rose - hmmm. Personally I've no real issue with Rose BUT having removed Canto maybe she could have been omitted altogether - I'm unsure if that's possible tho'.
Lastly gone, and the scene that MOST annoyed me in TLJ [and that's saying something!] Leia's post-sucking-out scene is her last [well, pretty much]
I HATED the original flying Leia scene SO much.

If I could wish into being one other scene revision/alteration it'd be the corny red background/backdrop to Snoke's chamber [or whatever it's called] and the stupid looking praetorian-ish guards he has... ahem, 'guarding' him.
C'mon guys, it makes a school drama look like a major production. I mean Plain-red featureless walls? what happened, imagination took a holiday or what? [Sorry, I needed to vent there!]

THIS is the way I would have preferred to see TLJ in cinema's - the story makes sense now, no superfluous rubbish.
THIS should be your Go-To version - no doubts from me anyhow!

A couple of words to Maestro DonKamillo...
I'd respectfully suggest that to use your 'alternate poster' artwork as your sleeve art; the other 2 artworks have a tatty looking 'The Anti-Cringe Cut' insert in the bottom right corner that cheapens this astounding work - you do yourself a disservice with it, sir!
Also - I'm unsure how you're going to handle the forthcoming Episode 9 whenever it arrives; I have a feeling the narrative may well not flow at all well from this ACC to Ep9 - having said that, at least THIS is now watchable!

Well Done and congratulations on your wizardry ;)

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Owner's reply October 07, 2018

Had a blast reading this, thanks gerkildare! :)

Regarding Ep9: Don't worry, I'll find a way ;)

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