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I was very intrigued by what HAL 9000 set out to do with The Force Awakens. I LOVE this movie, small warts and all, and I wanted to see what rearranging the narrative a bit might do for it.

Ultimately, I found myself not liking the movie nearly as much as the theatrical version. It's not a bad edit, per se. Not at all! It just didn't play to what I would have liked to see changed around. Whereby removing the use of Starkiller until the end gives it an unknown fear, by having it sooner everyone knows what the stakes are-- even if it more closely mirrors A New Hope.

The technical prowess is still pretty great, and perhaps others will like the reshuffled narrative more than I did. Personally, I would have liked to simply seen some edits made to any mentions of Kylo being Han and Leia's son until Han calls out his name on the catwalk, then would mention 'the face of my son' for the first time. It would make you wonder why Snoke was so invested in this former pupil of Luke's and Han and Leia seemed worried about him. It would leave questions like 'is he Luke's son?', 'is he Han and Leia's son?', 'was he a former trusted friend?' until the 'ah ha!' moment later on.

Maybe in another edit! :)

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May 03, 2017
I registered so I could comment on your review, that your suggestion is exactly what I also thought would improve the film when I first saw it. In addition, I thought it would be more powerful if Ben didn't remove his mask until Han calls out to him (meaning we'd have to lose part of the scene with Rey being interrogated, but I think it would be a worth sacrifice for the effect). I hope somebody takes this idea in an edit, otherwise I may eventually do it.
February 09, 2022
I was just about to leave my review and i wanted to read the low rating reviews and here you are! I have to agree with you. This idea to move the firing of starkiller base to the end; having to do with it being dark on the planet makes more sense that way..... i don' see it, why couldn't that planet have two suns or they drained a sun from another system. Im sure the star wars nerds will tell me i'm wrong but they have too much time on their hands to know these things. Overall i thought the editing was excellent because i barely noticed all the changes. I also like your idea about Han revealing Ben is his son, feels more like Empire that way.
2 results - showing 1 - 2