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I liked this Restructured version very much. It is another way of viewing it.
I would like to have seen more X-Wings attacking Starkiller Base. I always thought it stupid that 12 fighters (yes i counted them) managed to destroy SB when the DS and 2nd DS took a lot more than 12 fighters to destroy. The resistance used more fighters at Takodana than at SB. I would have cut or trimmed the skirmish with Solo, Rae, etc with those two gangs and those CGI creatures, but that is my personal opinion of course.
I only have one thing to point, although i think you wouldn't have been able to alter, i don't know but it concerns Ren, in the last part of the movie, since you reorganize the scenes, we see Ren with his mask talking to Snoke, in another frame he doesn't have anymore, then it has it again, and this also happens when he is scouring SB for Rae with is hood/"cape", in some scenes he has it, in another he doesn't. Just a minor detail other than that, good work. =)))

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