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In going through edits of the sequel series, I’ll give credit to the go-to selections here, although I’m looking at it from a lens a few years removed from that insufferable final film and amidst the various successes and failures of SW on the small screen.

Force Awakens will be best viewed via Hal’s edit, although TFA isn’t an intrinsically a bad film to begin with. There is a lingering bad taste the final film (a cinema experience, for me, unparalleled in its repulsiveness) gave to the overall trilogy when we realize there isn’t going to be any real backstory, nor satisfying arc, for Finn.

Finn’s character instead was used as a sort of plot device from the get-go and to realize that his story wasn’t any deeper than it seemed from this first episode is indeed disappointing.

But alas, I’m not reviewing the edit, which, by restructuring some of the elements here does put a better spin on Finn and his place in the story. I’ll forever have a soft spot for this film in general, seeing my old childhood heroes come back, and this edit serves these characters well, aside from the fact that Chewie still needs to be blocked out of the scene when Leia and Daisy (er….Rey, sorry) embrace, and the inexplicable indifference the film has to Han’s final scene I will never forgive. That’s just me. But I’m not alone here...

Again, I digress. No fault of our editor, whose work on the prequels I have enjoyed immensely. I feel obliged to keep a copy of the first two sequels on hand. This is one of them.

If you’re hesitant to give a full-blown, four-alarm fire recommendation for a fanedit because the film itself has distasteful elements, I guess this the classic reviewer conundrum. Can you discern good Korean food from average if you have problems with digesting that spice?

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