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To start with, my brief thoughts on the original TFA. I loved it! Say what you will about all the "member berries" and the copy paste script from Episode IV, all correct obviously, but I loved it. I'm talking about an enjoyment factor 9-10. So, for me to see a fanedit of this, it had to bring something special to the table, beside just trimming scenes. And moving the destruction of the planets towards the end of the movie, had me really intrigued!

Before expanding on the narrative, I will just say about the editing part of this version, that it was perfect! But I wasn't expecting anything less from HAL9000, he is one the top faneditors ever, with a big history on the Star Wars franchise, and I've seen many of his edits. So, once again job well done on the technical side of things!

On the narrative side, although it was indeed an interested perpective to move the destruction of the planets, it did not work for me. First of all, killing Han (spoiler alert) at the end, is enough of a "big moment" to keep me invested and exited, plus all the stuff with the force and the lightsaber battle and the twist that Finn wasn't a jedi as J. J. led us to think throughout the movie. Which means, the rest of the movie kind of dragged for me. Also, as others mentioned, the weapon fires and then it's ready to fire again in no time. But even if I leave that last one out, which I didn't really care to be honest, there wasn't any downtime to absorb Han's death (major WTF moment) aaand the death of a gazillion poor souls. So, for me at least, having at a seperate time during the movie, two major events, is for the best. Most of the other trimming the editor did though, like removing Kylo knowing Finn's number or too much idolatry from Kylo to Vader's mask, was welcome!

So, for me, it did not replace the original and since I already loved it, no reason to switch. But I do recommend this to anyone, whether you loved the original or not, because it is something different, without butchering the film by removing chunks of it in order to make work (Phantom Menace I'm looking at you). It's exactly what the editor says, a "restructured" version!

Thank you Hal9000, thanks to anyone who read my review and may the force be with you!

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