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The Force Awakens

I enjoyed the event when it came out at the cinemas and I felt emotionally buoyed seeing Han and Chewie etc. The style was good, the vibe was Stars Wars, the FX were neat and the music felt like home - The skywalker theme brings tears every time after all. Po was fine, BB8 was a success etc

But....Fin was a likeable but very inconsistent character and Rey was also likeable but was an inappropriately self aware agent of pop/pc culture for 2016 earth. Snoke was just a bit shit to look at frankly, Sydow was totally wasted on this film and Phasma sounded like the matriarch in “The Beach” but could act half as well. Luckily non-one gave a sh*t about her anyway in the end. The story was old and tired but the overall shtick was endearing etc.

This fan fix sorts out what it can and it does it mostly invisibly and the audio cues are clean and in places inspired. Fin is much more assured and seemingly respected more. Rey is less Mary Sue and is a more endearing force sensitive fluke than before – even vulnerable at times rather than the relative smart arse they fabricated. Much of the humour is smoothed over nicely and the most endearing examples remain. The humour worked in the cinema as a shared giggle etc, but pops up wincing and too often when you watch it back multiple times. I thought Iron Man 23 did a very good job of cleaning up untidy or distracting threads. He restructured the end scenes nicely and featured some choice trailer moments. Blend this with the Restructured edit and you'd have a very fine filtered fix.

But without access to the “cutting room floor” there's nothing you can do to fix the totally unjustified and non-contextual sappy connection forced between Leia and Rey at the end – talk about a snowflake committee. I might have to wrangle with this film myself as you also simply can't have Chewie and Leia ignore each other after what happens. I'd be tempted to cut the whole back to base scene altogether just to get rid of that. Awfully jarring nonsense.

The above scene notwithstanding my hat is off to this edit, sincerely.

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