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(Updated: April 09, 2017)
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The TFA got me mixed feelings when it came out and still does but you did a very good job =)
Please do not take offense n any of my comments, they are just suggestions/opinions and always with the intent of improving/motivate and never otherwise =).

_Thank the Maker for removing the bad joke attempts =)
- Excellent job with the CC throughout the movie =) (except Ren's saber glow in his last fight with Finn/Rey)
- Loved the addition of that klaxon sound (i want it lol) to the hangar scene
- Excellent cut/trim of the Rathar scene (it is somewhat closer to what I've done myself too) =)
- I won't comment about adding the RO music to Finn vs Riot Stormtrooper scene
- In the few edit's I've seen, all editors have failed continuity in the third part of the film, when using Ren. In some scenes he has is "pseudo cloak/cape" and in others it vanishes
- Thank you for removing the line "Han Solo" when he senses him. It is more logical to me that he would sense Rey than Han Solo, if i interpreted your intention, correctly. (Never liked that line)
- I think you could have used Phasma just a bit while she was patrolling the SK's base hallways before Han and Finn got her. She is the leader of the Stormtroopers and we never get to see her after Hux's speech again.
I'm glad that you removed her bad performance in the end though =)
- I liked what you've done with Poe/Rey (especially Rey's interrogation scene) it never felt right to me their interaction
- Excellent job in dealing with the aforementioned interrogation and lightsaber scene between Ren/Finn/Rey, although i must add that i didn't like that sort of "aura" like red coming out of Ren's saber when it clashed with Anakin's saber.
- Nice ending too =) With Luke.

PS: I was about to give 0! You didn't add more X-Wings to the attack =P (Kidding).

I cannot add more to this review... all in all i liked it a lot to have seen your "vision" of TFA =)

Good work, big hug Iron =)

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