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Not bad. There are definitely choices made that I wouldn’t make, but I also understand it is a continuation of your previous edit. Of course the biggest changes in these edits is the changing of who lives and who dies. And though I do like Han Solo’s scene, and you did as good as you could probably do with it within the new narrative, I just think you should’ve ended the scene when Rey leaves. Likewise you’ve done an admirable job with de-ghostifiying Luke, but it’s still not always convincing. A small quibble, but I’d lose Zorii in the final fight and celebration. You’ve diminished her role so significantly that it’s just a weird reaction from Poe. I know people love Babu Frik but I’d still lose it. It also looks as though it might be possible to trim the “I am all the Jedi” bit so that she just has the second saber in her hand already. That would make more sense IMO because as far as I noticed, she doesn’t ever lose it in this edit. I’m also disappointed that you apparently deemed a same sex kiss “cringe-worthy.” And I’m completely confused with the color change for the lightsaber at the end.

Now the way I review these edits is to nitpick while I watch, so that’s what’s above. Overall I think this is a very good edit, particularly if you like what was done in this editor's TLJ edit. The visual editing is superb. I don’t know if it counts as visual editing, but the special effects weren’t always convincing. I’ve already mentioned the Luke ghost, but I just don’t think the effects for having Ren land his TIE work. The effect isn’t sold and to do that just to get rid of Rey’s jump move I think is a bad trade off. I’d have to double check to be sure but there were definitely some music cues that seemed to cut abruptly. It mostly it as great.

The movie definitely feels tighter and is improved. A few choices make this difficult for me to fully endorse, but it’s better than the theatrical and if you're a fan of the TLJ Anti-Cringe, you'll likely enjoy this.

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Owner's reply May 17, 2020

Thanks for the feedback Moe!

Just to clarify the confusing parts:
- Rey loses the second lightsaber when the Emperor pulls her to him and she falls to the ground
- The kiss was not cut because it's "cringe-worthy" but because it comes out of nowhere and was obvious pandering by JJ. The other kiss was cut for the same reasons. I like my movie relationships to be established beforehand ;)
- The color change at the end is open for interpretation. For me it was a nod to the bond she had with Kylo.

If you do double check, I'd appreciate it, if you could let me know where the abrupt audio transitions where.


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