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(Updated: September 10, 2012)
Review by white43 — February 15, 2009 @ 10:21 pm

So I’ve been looking around for a decent ROTS edit – not that it’s a bad film, but one that might cut down the bad dialogue or unnecessarily long scenes.

Thought I’d give this one a try as I liked the look of the re-integrated scenes.

What I liked:

Battle droids & Nemoidian captain voices modulated to sound deeper and less silly. Yes, good
The re-insertion of the deleted scenes, esp Yoda going to Dagobah
Jar Jar Who?
Anakin more readily chooses the Dark Side
Despite the comments above – the R2D2 not slamming into a wall isn’t a jarring cut. I barely noticed it.
Editing was fairly seamless

What I didn’t like:
There is still far too much bad dialogue around – the ending is horrible for all this ‘Sith’s deal in Absolutes’ or ‘Anakin I have the higher ground’…less talkie talkie, more fighting. ‘Another happy landing’? WTF?
At the end of the third scene of the birth of the rebellion, the dramatic music for the next scene comes in way too early
Qui Gonn’s voice doesn’t seem to work for me, but it’s a nice idea.
There appears to be a couple plotholes – Sidious and Yoda are fighting and in the next shot – Sidious is above him throwing things down.Or Anakin and Obi-Wan are suddenly in water near the start, I didn’t quite understand why.
Padmes death – she says Leia a bit quick for me.

The sound and picture are both excellent.

I was mildly disappointed in this edit, I thought it would go much further than it did, but I’m beginning to see that ADM fanedits tend to be quite minimal in removal. This seems to be the case here. Good effort, but not my cup of tea.
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