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(Updated: September 10, 2012)
Review by sevb32 — September 15, 2008 @ 9:31 pm

Great start, like the poster said above I would have left out most of the tunneling that shows the cables and some greenscreen after Kenobi and Anakin cut thru the floor, as those shots were incomplete effects shots. You could have left those last shots of them crawling thru the tubes, but not the others. I liked the Neeson voice overs, but it might be a good idea in the future to see if you can look at more of his work, like the two Narnia movies where he voices Aslan. Overall good editing, and a great effort. I would have gotten rid of the oil/fire slapstick with R2 and the battledroids before I would have gotten rid of R2 slamming into a wall. (I thought his slamming into the wall made more sense to keep. But all well a nice effort. Hope you revise it some in the future.
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