Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith - An AEmovieguy Cut

Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith - An AEmovieguy Cut
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AEmovieguy’s faster, more intense “certain point-of-view” of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, inspired by The Phantom Editor’s commentaries and previous fanedits made by Stankpac and JasonN. (Forewarning: Please, go into this edit knowing that all mentions of Anakin Skywalker as Darth Vader have been cut and the entire pacing of the film has been altered, both as a fun experiment.)
To grow as an editor while making a fun, MUCH faster paced, and more character driven cut of Star Wars Episode III in line with the principles of editing a Star Wars movie previously set forth by The Phantom Editor. His commentary tracks on The Phantom Edit and Attack of the Phantom were the catalyst for this exercise. Most especially, I drew on his principles of getting in a scene late and getting out early, using C.G.I./action for story over spectacle, and focusing on edits to improve characters and pacing. The edit is, as well, inspired by George Lucas’ directing advice: “Faster, more intense!” This is not meant as a definitive, or even better, cut of Revenge of the Sith. Instead, this cut seeks to be a faster paced and exciting version of the film that will give other editors of Episode III some fresh perspective. I also utilized a few ideas from Stankpac’s edit, which in itself used ideas from JasonN’s edit. I offer a sincere “Thank you” to all three of the aforementioned gentlemen, who have been credited in the Cuts List.
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Cuts and Additions:
- The first edit of the film falls under the “using C.G.I./Action to advance story” principle. While the opening single shot of Obi- wan and Anakin’s fighters is brilliant, in its original form, it goes on too long without “advancing the story.” This is a desperate rescue, after all. So, in an effort to emphasize the urgency of the situation, improve pacing, and to NOT delete the majority of the opening shot, dialogue was added to the shot, corresponding to whose fighter is prominent in the frame.

- As Obi- wan’s fighter flies into close- up and he looks screen right, the line “Oddball, do you copy!?” was added to get the push to the General’s Ship underway immediately.

- As the fighters level out, Oddball responds (off- screen/over com- link), “Copy, Red Leader.”

- During Obi- wan’s fighter’s pan from screen left to screen right the lines “mark my position/form your squad up behind me” were added and track with his fighter across the screen.

- As Anakin’s fighter crosses in front of Obi- wan’s and comes to the forefront of the frame, the line “this is where the fun begins” was added. Some may prefer this line cut entirely, but I feel it establishes a contrast between Obi- wan, who is taking this mission quite seriously from the onset, and Anakin, whose formative years of transition from boyhood to manhood have been fraught by complacency with war and death, which will be pivotal to Anakin’s character in this film. Plus, it comes off as Anakin predicting the explosion they are about to soar through.

- Since we have already been informally introduced to the pilots of the two Jedi Fighters (no time for formal introductions during a desperate mission!), the film cuts away halfway through the “kitchen sink” flying at a cruiser to the cockpit of Oddball’s fighter, with the pilot spotting them after looking at the exploding cruiser. The “kitchen sink” can still be heard crashing in the distance, but is less noticeable as a common appliance. The rear pilot now says, “On your tail, General Kenobi.” And “Lock S- foils in attack position” is said over the next shot of the clones actually locking their S- foils and diving down behind Anakin and Obi- wan’s fighters.

- The enemy Droid fighters are seen coming toward the camera, the Jedi fighters lock their foils, and they all immediately make a push for the General’s ship. (No lines in between.)

- The engagement occurs as in the original until the shot of one of the clone fighters being chased from frame left to frame right and being blown up. The line “they’re all over me” has been added and tracks the fighter.

- As the Clone fighter explodes towards the camera, a rough match cut is made to the sun on the horizon of Coruscant as Obi- wan and Anakin’s fighters make an immediate break from the fray. (No missiles, no buzz droids; these two have done these missions for years now and know how to make a straight push to an objective.)

- While the clone pilot’s dialogue of “on your tail, General Kenobi” had established Obi- wan’s name, I needed a moment to throw Anakin’s name out there. After Anakin says “sorry, Master” and starts to flip over Obi- wan’s fighter, the line “Hold on, Anakin!” was added. In addition to simply establishing Anakin’s name, it provides a hint of Obi- wan’s concern for Anakin’s wellbeing and actions, which is another important foreshadowing to this film’s progression. It also sets up Anakin as a character who is interested in getting quick results, as opposed to Obi- wan, representing the Jedi order that is trying to hold Anakin back.

- Obi- wan’s “I have a bad feeling about this” has been cut, as we’ve established these two as more courageous individuals.

- Obi- wan’s force leap from his cockpit has been cut so as to make the action more ‘grounded.’ It also makes Anakin’s calm unbuckling seem slightly faster paced without the comparison.

- Cut out Obi- wan’s little jump during the droid encounter.

- Trimmed out as many Battle Droid voices as possible, adding to the tension and making Artoo’s yell more amusing.

- Cut out Anakin’s “I sense Count Dooku.” This, as The Phantom Editor stated in his commentaries, is an instance of giving the audience too much information. The line robs any surprise out of Dooku showing up in the Observation Tower later on. It now cuts to Obi- wan “sensing a trap.” This still shows that the Jedi are not fools and know something is up, considering their ease of infiltration, but it leaves exactly what is ‘up’ as a brief mystery.

- Cut Anakin’s “Artoo go back/I need you to stay with the ship.” I never liked this line. First of all, Artoo wasn’t advancing toward them. Second of all, Artoo wasn’t near a ship. Finally, did Anakin expect to have the Chancellor fit in his ship for the ride back? I know he and Palpatine were close, butâ€�

- The moment now feels like Artoo is asking what he can do to help. Obi- wan tosses him the com- link to “wait for orders,” and Artoo takes up his duty amusingly and with authority displayed in his catch.

- Cut out Grievous’ “Just as Count Dooku predicted.” Again, let’s have it be a surprise. Now, in response to “two jedi have landed in the main hangar bay/we’re tracking them,” Grievous turns away and ominously laughs.

- Immediately cut from Grievous’ laugh to Anakin and Obi- wan arriving at the top of the Observation platform, giving the aforementioned ominous tone.

- Cut Obi- wan’s “This time we will do it together” and Anakin’s response. It adds to the tension and seriousness of this encounter and what will happen at the end of the duel. Additionally, the shot of Anakin planting himself firmly at Obi- wan’s side is a strong enough image, which in itself establishes that Anakin has matured from their last encounter with Dooku and acts as a metaphor for the unspoken solidarity of Anakin and Obi- wan’s relationship at the beginning of the film.

- Cut all but the tail end of Dooku’s flip from the balcony. While unnecessary to show the entire C.G.I. flip, leaving the tail end avoids an abrupt jump in time/spatial continuity and establishes Dooku as a powerful force to be reckoned with.

- Cut Obi- wan’s “speciality” line; again, for serious tone. The Jedi immediately take off their outer robes when Dooku draws his saber hilt.

- After Dooku’s “â€�mess of things in front of the Chancellor,” Obi- wan then Anakin immediately ignite their blades, taking Dooku’s quip as a serious threat.

- Cut Dooku’s “I’ve been looking forward to this” and Anakin’s “Doubled” response, instead, allowing for a brief close- up of Dooku grinning from ear to ear. The audience should be able to tell Dooku’s having a swell time, and this also sets off Anakin and Obi- wan into their next attack.

- Tightened Obi- wan’s encounter with the Super Battle Droids and Palpatine’s “Yeah!” I felt the insert shot of Palpatine was unavoidable for spatial/temporal/rhythmic continuity since there was no shot of Obi- wan coming up the next few steps before swinging at Dooku and there’s an awkward bit of dead air without the line. So I tightened Palpatine’s “Yeah” to feel more like an honest reaction to Obi- wan’s small victory, instead of coming off as delayed as it was in the original. It now feels like a slightly amusing beat in the fight that could have thrown off Obi- wan’s concentration before being hurled by Dooku; thus, Palpatine’s next reaction shot has an added “oops” feel to it.

- Cut the beginning of Anakin’s reaction shot to Obi- wan hitting the floor to emphasize his attention turning to Dooku.

- Cut the beginning of the Long Shot of C.G.I. Dooku back flipping off the balcony for faster pacing.

- Cut Dooku’s “You have hate/anger” speech.

- Added new, more threatening line from Dooku when their sabers lock: “I’ve been looking forward to this, SKYWALKER!” This feels more organic a reason for Anakin to unleash his anger, as it implies that Dooku has been planning to kill Anakin. Anakin knows that to save the lives of his brother and father figures in the room and to see Padme again, who is so very close on the surface below, he must act nowâ€� and end this.

- This leads into a cut that was seen previously in JasonN and Stankpac’s fanedits.

- Anakin immediately ‘disarms’ Dooku, puts their sabers to his throat, takes in Dooku’s helpless expression, and then decapitates him.

- This leads to the first new, bold cut of my fanedit.

- After pausing briefly to take in the chills and to see Anakin’s face, the film immediately cuts to the cruisers preparing to intercept one- another and then Grievous’ “prepare for attack!” This is a very dramatic and influential cut, as it denies Anakin solace from Palpatine. For all the audience knows, Palpatine was disgusted. What matters in the film is that Anakin knew what he was doing and that there was no turning back, despite his feelings afterwards. This more firmly foreshadows and roots Anakin’s similar, though much grander/devastating, decision to turn to the darkside to save the ones he loves, just as he killed Dooku to protect those he loves without prompting. Imagine what this war- torn, ‘do- what- he- must’ to achieve his goals, young adult is capable of with the wrong ideas floating around his head. Additionally, it denies the audience comfort over what has happened; emphasizing that there is still a war going on around them with no time to dwell on Anakin amidst the chaos.

- This recurring theme of Anakin needing guidance but being continuously denied the time of day by his surroundings, peers, and even his own wife’s new agendas is crucial to this cut of Episode III and Anakin as a troubled character.

- To ease the tension left by the dramatic cut, a bit of humor has been added. After the Wilhelm scream, the film cuts to Anakin checking on Obi- wan (Palpatine’s release is implied). Palpatine emphasizes “Anakin/There’s no time/we must get off the ship before it’s too late.” Immediate cut to the long shot of the cruisers locked in combat then back to Palpatine’s face of disapproval as Anakin now has Obi- wan over his shoulders calling Artoo to activate the elevator. This bit of humor was rewarded with heavy laughter and a high five during a test screening with friends. It also is a strong character moment for Anakin, establishing him as a very assertive individual.

- Trimmed out all but the initial shot of Artoo sliding backwards during the Cruiser’s plummet, leaving the shot of him under the droid parts pile as a surprise.

- Cut out the Yodeling Droids.

- Cut out all the Captain’s lines except “Reverse Stabilizers”

- Cut “We’re leveling out.” The audience can tell this from the action.

- Tightened the cut to Obi- wan waking up to be more rhythmically humorous.

- Cut the second use of the same exact shot of Palpatine dangling in the shaft. (Admittedly, I myself do re- use a shot of Anakin in the Opera house scene later on.)

- Cut Obi- wan’s “Did I miss something?”

- Made it to where Obi- wan now cuts off Anakin in the middle of his line “Artoo shut downâ€�” with “TOO late. Jump!” This obviously tightens the pacing and increases the threat.

- Cut out Artoo’s jets.

- Cut out “We’ve found the Jedi/Activate Ray Shields.” Again, spoilers, Grievous!

- Another new, fun cut: Our three Amigos go running down the hall get trapped by the ray shields, and then I simply did a Circle- in Transition to the bridge of the cruiser. No more “patience” or Artoo kicks. The point of the scene was that they get captured. There was no other function or need to draw it out. They were captured. They accept it. The audience accepts it. Circle- in transition to the bridge. It can be implied that they and Artoo were still being carefully tracked and the General was fed up after the cruiser dive and discovering Count Dooku failed.

- Cut “The Negotiator” part of Grievous’ line. It’s a fun little reference to Episode I’s “Negotiations were short,” but it doesn’t play a role in this film and slows the pace of the scene.

- Cut the Battle Droid’s “Excuse me/You’re Welcome.”

- Cut the General addressing Anakin at all, which tells the audience that there is a history between Obi- wan and Grievous that will pay off later, and it again is an instance of Anakin being overlooked.

- Scene now cuts from Grievous snatching the lightsabers from the droid to Artoo getting into position and Anakin acknowledging him, letting the audience know that things are about to explode.

- Added a Grievous “cough” in between the front left and rear left channels.

- Tightened Anakin’s “Artoo!” line to make it seem more abrupt.

- Cut Grievous’ “Crush them!”

- Anakin immediately force pulls his lightsaber after Obi- wan frees him.

- Tightened the ensuing fight scene to remove droid dialogue and add more tension.

- After Obi- wan cuts off the droid’s head, there is a new cut away to Anakin killing the other droid, and then it cuts back to Obi- wan hearing the headless droid coming.

- Cut Palpatine’s exaggerated sigh.

- Cut Obi- wan slicing a droid (couldn’t get rid of the battle droid’s voice in this shot).

- Tightened Grievous’ leap and Anakin flanking him.

- Tightened Grievous’ escape.

- Cut out Anakin and Obi- wan clearing out the bridge. It is implied that the droids were all destroyed before Grievous escaped and/or were sucked out the shattered window.

- Cut the shot of Grievous rigging the escape pods and his “abandon ship” lines. This is a short unnecessary spoiler. We should be experiencing as much as we can from the heroes’ perspectives. The last we see of Grievous is him landing in the escape pod corridor, the ship’s mid- section cracks, all the escape pods are seen launching, and then the film cuts to the alarm going off on the bridge. It can be inferred, and it is briefly by Anakin and Obi- wan, that Grievous escaped and launched all the pods, leaving our heroes to land the ship.

- Slightly tightened the dialogue between Anakin and Obi- wan about “flying a cruiser like this.”

- Tightened Anakin’s “Strap yourselves in!”

- Added some new humor. After Anakin says “Strap yourselves in,” the film cuts to a shot of Artoo grabbing the controls, looking at Anakin, and then beeping. Artoo can’t strap himself in!

- Tightened the extension of the drag fins and subsequent loss of half the ship.

- Cut Artoo’s “Uh- Oh!” Now Anakin and Obi- wan’s lines have a little more humor.

- Cut off the tail end of the shot in which Anakin says, “Now we’re really picking up speed!” for pacing.

- Cut “8 plus 60!” after the debris flies off the ship. It now cuts to Obi- wan’s “we’re in the atmosphere!”

- Added the Point of view out the front windshield after Anakin says “â€�keep us level!”

- Cut Obi- wan’s “Two shipsâ€�” through his “Landing strip” line. We can see the ships and the landing strip. It cuts from the fire- ‘fighters’ approaching to Anakin saying, “We’re coming in too hot!”

- Tightened the Crash landing to feel as if it’s occurring in real time. No delayed reactions.

- Cut Palpatine’s medium shot lean forward. This one always bugged me, as the audience can clearly see his C.G.I. double had already leaned forward and then settled back in the previous shot.

- Not a cut, but, after a very lean, exciting 12 minutes (that actually constitutes an ‘opening’ sequence), Obi- wan’s “Another happy landing” line plays far more successfully, at least to the individuals with whom I screened the film.

- Another Stankpac/JasonN idea: Cut out Obi- wan and Anakin’s conversation to where Anakin says “Alright, but you owe me one” after Obi- wan’s “â€�poster boy” line.

- Obi- wan now cuts off Anakin after “tenthâ€�” and immediately says “Ninth time.” This tightened exchange is more amusing than the original and strengthens the idea that Anakin and Obi- wan have been through this conversation many times while at war and have a strong bond.

- Mace Windu now only says “Chancellor Palpatine,” bows, and then allows the group to pass. Couple this with the omission of Jar Jar’s line, and there is now some strong foreshadowing in this scene, just by allowing there to be a dead silent tension between Palpatine and Windu. Clearly, Windu, and perhaps the Jedi Order as a whole, has some beef with Palpatine now, not even caring to ask if he’s all right.

- Tightened Anakin’s “excuse me” to Organa.

- Another Stankpac/JasonN idea: After Anakin and Padme’s initial hug, Anakin immediately transitions into “What’s wrong?” As this would be the logical progression for an intuitive Jedi.

- Tightened the rest of the responses in the Anakin and Padme dialogue.

- As another faneditor has stated, Grievous’ scene with Sidious provides foreshadowing. The transition also works, going from Anakin’s happiest day to Grievous’ bad day.

- Trimmed down Grievous’ arrival by eliminating the second shot, using a match cut to transition from the first shot in Space to the shot of his ship panning down into the Utapau city.

- Cut the “Move the Separatist leaders to Mustafar.” Why would Grievous take so many days to do so? (Perhaps, this scene was originally intended for much later in the film.)

- Cut “His Death wasâ€�” Now Sidious sounds more like his original trilogy self by responding with “a necessary loss.”

- Cut out “Far younger/more powerful,” as this ambiguity is important to this edit of the film.

- There is an ominous fade directly into Anakin’s vision of Padme, with Sidious’ glowing silhouette lingering as he says, “soon I will have a new apprenticeâ€�”

- Added a transparent close- up of Obi- wan looking down at the end of the vision. Right before Anakin wakes, Obi- wan, menacingly and quickly, directs a piercing stare at Anakin and the audience. Now Anakin’s “We don’t need [Obi- wan's] help” is grounded in the vision, and the audience looks at Obi- wan differently from here- on.

- Cut from Anakin on the side of the bed, head in his hands, to him sitting alone on the terrace, eliminating the gratuitous shirtless shot and allowing the idea that Anakin may have been out there all night long and that Padme only noticed in the early morning. Thus, setting up Anakin being “late” with “no excuse” to the morning briefing Obi- wan told him about earlier.

- Cut the lines “What’s bothering you” and “Nothing.” The scene now starts from a silent back comfort from Padme which is slightly betrayed when Anakin begins the conversation on a non- sequitar about the Japor Snippet, prompting Padme’s “How long is it going to take before we can be honest with each other.” This places opening emphasis on some “trust” troubles that have developed in Anakin and Padme’s marriage since Anakin’s been away at war, which will be further explored later in the edit. Trust is a huge theme in this edit.

- Cut Anakin’s “And it was about you.”

- Padme’s “and” leads into Anakin’s “It was only a dream,” adding tension on the issue of trust.

- Cut on a gasp from Anakin after Padme’s “and the baby?”

- Moved Anakin’s meeting with Yoda about his vision to a little later in the film. Scene wipes to Anakin arriving late to Obi- wan’s briefing.

- Slightly tightened Obi- wan’s response to “What’s wrong then?”

- Tightened all of the dialogue exchange between Anakin and Palpatine in the next scene.

- Added in the “Seeds of the Rebellion” scene, as it takes place on the same morning after receiving word of Anakin’s appointment to the Jedi council, and it also builds on the trust issue between Padme and Anakin. Padme, after just chastising Anakin on trust, is now agreeing to keep something from him. Anakin will later believe that this is an alliance/relationship with Obi- wan, adding some grounds for Anakin’s suspicions before the final duel and painful dramatic irony.

- Tightened the “Seeds of the Rebellion” to shift the focus of the scene more- so to Padme’s character.

- After Padme’s agreement, the scene transitions to the Jedi Council’s official ‘acceptance’ of Anakin. The second shot of the scene is Anakin’s back to the audience, implying that the audience was also going behind Anakin’s back in the last scene.

- Cut Yoda’s “disturbing is this move by Chancellor Palpatine” to make Yoda seem more reasonable and approachable to Anakin.

- Trimmed Anakin’s outrage to be focused toward Master Windu only, without the reactions of the rest of the council, creating a more personal rift between Windu and Anakin that harkens back to “No, he will not be trained” in Episode I. The council doesn’t really overtly side with either individual. This leaves room for Anakin opening up to Yoda later on.

- Re- arranged shots so that Anakin actually looks directly at Obi- wan when he’s shaking his head in disapproval.

- Yoda’s “â€�you must sweep” leads into “What about the droid attack on the wookies?”

- Obi- wan’s “We do not have many ships to spare” has supplanted his line “He’s right/It’s a system we cannot afford to lose” to add a better, less condescending (toward Windu) argument as to why Yoda needs to go himself.

- Cut Anakin’s “put me on the council and not make a master” line in the following scene with Obi- wan. The audience knows what Anakin’s upset about.

- Tightened the entire exchanged between Anakin and Obi- wan to be tenser.

- Added a circle out transition from Obi- wan’s “The council is asking you” to Anakin’s scene asking something of Yoda. The circle- out transition itself is a metaphor for the hole/rift growing in Obi- wan and Anakin’s friendship.

- The Yoda scene’s new position in the film is meant to:
1.) Re- establish Anakin’s vision
2.) Show that Anakin has matured enough to put aside grievances — the Council not making him a Master—when there are more pressing issues
3.) Solidify a respect for Master Yoda over the other council members.
4.) Show Anakin’s trust in Yoda, the pinnacle representation of everything Jedi seek to be and achieve, being shaken.

- Yoda himself dismissing Anakin’s needs is a metaphor for the entire Jedi Order being too wrapped up in this war and their views to help others. This is also a precursor to Luke’s conflict over aiding Han and Leia in Episode V. The scene establishes, once and for all, that the Jedi will not help Anakin, which is why I find it pivotal, especially after everything they’ve requested of Anakin up to this point. With its new placement, the “why” of the scene is tenser, as the audience doesn’t know if Yoda’s refusal to aid Anakin has anything to do with his recent appointment to the Jedi Council by Chancellor Palpatine. Would Yoda have responded differently had Anakin come to him earlier?

- The scene was roughly color corrected to reflect the new dusk timeframe.

- Anakin’s “I won’t let these visions come trueâ€�” is followed by Yoda’s “The Shadow of Greed, that is” to make Anakin a more active participant in the conversation.

- The scene transitions to Obi- wan, Yoda, and Mace’s conversation on the way to drop off Yoda.

- The preceding Yoda/Anakin meeting adds new meaning to Yoda’s demeanor.

- ”Anakin did not take kindlyâ€�” is now cut off by Master Windu’s abrupt “I don’t think the boy can handle it.” This further distances the audience to Mace’s character. The audience is becoming endeared to Anakin’s struggle, with so much being asked of him without sparing the time to actually listen to the young man.

- Tightened the dialogue in the rest of the scene so that Obi- wan’s is the descenting opinion. Audience is learning that Obi- wan is truly reluctant and wasn’t just putting on an act for Anakin two scenes ago.

- Transitioned to Anakin and Padme on the Terrace Scene a little earlier than in the original, cutting the landing. This next scene is a direct contrast to Obi- wan’s “he never has,” as Anakin’s relationship with Padme is a secret way in which Anakin has already let down Obi- wan and the Jedi Order.

- Many faneditors remove this scene entirely due to the dialogue from Padme at the end, but the beginning is another essential part to this edit, so I “get out early.”

- Tightened the conversation to make it feel as if Padme is dominating it with her concerns, without listening to Anakin as he tries to open up to her about the Jedi Council and, possibly, his meeting with Yoda. It now comes off as Padme trying to push yet another agenda onto Anakin’s overflowing plate.

- Cut the lines “and you’re sounding like a Separatist/this war represents a failure to listen.”

- Scene now ends after Anakin tells off Padme’s request and shuts her out. Even the transition emphasizes a rift between them before going to the Opera House scene.

- Tightened the exchange between Anakin and Palpatine in the Opera House.

- “You know, don’t you?” leads into “I don’t know what to say,” cutting talk of “spying” and “democracy.”

- Palpatine’s “And the Jedi don’t” line half cuts off Anakin’s line.

- Tightened Anakin’s reaction to “keep the ones he cared about from dying.”

- Cut “influencing midichlorians” and “killed him in his sleep” lines.

- ”He could save others from death, but not himself” cuts early to Anakin to foreshadow his death.

- Cut soldiers preparing for the battle on the Kashyyyk beach.

- Tightened the council meeting to emphasize the urgency of the information on Grievous’ whereabouts and to make the Councils dismissal of Anakin seem natural to them, without a second thought.

- Stankpac/JasonN idea: Cut the wookies/droids battle, as it seemed like an instance of adding action where things weren’t “working,” something brought up quite a lot in The Phantom Editor’s commentaries. Circle In transition on Yoda’s face was added.

- Trimmed Anakin and Obi- wan’s conversation: Anakin says “I haven’t been very appreciative of your training, and I apologize.” He begins to say, “I’ve just been so frustrated with the councâ€�” and is cut off by Obi- wan’s “You are strong and wise, Anakin, and I am very proud of you. But be patient, Anakin. It will not be long before the council makes you a Jedi Master.”

- This shortened exchange shows, once again, Anakin finally deciding to open up to someone (Obi- wan — whom his visions have placed suspicions on) in a meaningful way.

- Once more, Anakin shows maturity in looking past grievances with an individual to discuss an underlying conflict, and Obi- wan proves to be another person rushed/affected by an outside agenda and seemingly superficially ends what should have been an important, needed conversation with an old friend.

- Obi- wan’s conversation with Cody in the cruiser is left in, so as to give Obi- wan more screen time and establish more foreshadowing. Cody says, “When have I ever let you down?” This relationship is a metaphor for Obi- wan’s relationship with Anakin, whom he told Yoda and Mace would not “let him down.” Obviously, Cody does let Obi- wan down during Order 66, and so will Anakinâ€�

- Cut Anakin’s second vision.

- Tightened the gap between Padme’s “He’s worried about you” and “He says you’ve been under a lot of stress.” I like these lines, as they belittle everything Anakin is going through, further upsetting Anakin.

- Tightened dialogue in the rest of the scene.

- ”They trust you with their lives” now prompts Anakin’s “I want MOREâ€�and I know I shouldn’t.”

- Shortened the length of Anakin’s stare into Padme’s eyes with an earlier transition to Obi- wan arriving at Utapau.

- Re- worked the conversation between Obi- wan and the Utapauin Representative, as earlier Anakin revealed that the Chairman personally sent a partial message for aid. Thus, the representative knows why Obi- wan’s there.

- Obi- wan’s “Unfortunately, the war” line is interrupted with “We are being held hostage/they are watching us.” Obi- wan “understands,” and is told “tenth level” before they exchange bows and part ways. Not only is this more efficient, it also adds a moment of character and levity. The Utapauin immediately drops the faÃ�ade after greeting Obi- wan, and they come to a quick understanding. The fueling aliens are a small spatial continuity error as a result, but I felt it was worth it.

- Cut Obi- wan’s conversation to bring the fighter back to the ship, leaving it as a surprise when it is revealed he stayed behind.

- Added the “Delegation of 2000″ scene with Chancellor Palpatine. This scene shows Anakin spying on the Chancellor, further emphasizes the growing rift in Padme and Anakin’s relationship, and has Palpatine, the only character who seems to listen to Anakin’s needs, call Padme’s intentions into question. It also gives Padme some basis for believing Obi- wan’s speech about Palpatine influencing Anakin to the darkside later on. The scene transitions from the “conflict in Anakin” to the conflict soon to actualize back on Utapau. And it builds upon the previous scene where Anakin found out Obi- wan visited Padme alone at the apartment, giving Anakin and Obi- wan’s friendship another hurtle. As his mind shifts to Obi- wan, so does the scene: to Obi- wan’s encounter with Grievous.

- As Stankpac and JasonN might agree, Obi- wan’s new ‘ride’ can be assumed as the natural mode of transportation for Utapauins.

- Cut “It is a volcanic planet.” Grievous loves spoilers. : P

- Cut “Hello there!” The droids hear Obi- wan land and abruptly turn roundabout.

- Cut Obi- wan chopping off the droid’s head. Instead the other droids immediately move toward Obi- wan after the vent crushes the other droids, and Grievous tells them, “Back away. I will deal with this myself!”

- Grievous merely says, “You fool,” pulls out his sabers, and says “attack, Kenobi!” No training by Count Dooku is mentioned.

- Stankpac idea: As a moment of levity, and to show that Grievous is no true match for Obi- wan with a lightsaber and to delete the C.G.I. flip, Obi- wan immediately cuts off Grievous’ left hand. The previous shots had actually established Obi- wan had been concentrating on that hand’s rotation. Grievous is infuriated and madly charges, making it easy for Obi- wan to cut off another hand. The clones arrive earlier, and Grievous jumps down to escape, knowing he’s outmatched and outnumbered. Cut Grievous’ crawl.

- Cut the scream of the battle droid as Grievous’ wheel crushes it.

- Cut Boga crushing a battle droid.

- Re- worked/tightened Obi- wan chasing after Grievous.

- Tightened Obi- wan dropping his saber to feel more fluid.

- Cut Cody’s “May I interrupt?” This news is important; the Jedi won’t mind the intrusion. And, if they do mind, Cody doesn’t.

- Anakin being in the war room can now be inferred as him reporting on the Chancellor’s meeting with the representatives of the Delegation of 2000 from the previous day.

- Cut Windu’s “I sense a plot to destroy the Jedi.” He starts the conversation with “The dark side of the force surrounds the Chancellor.”

- The rest of the exchange was tightened for tension. Yoda, once more, comes off as the most reasonable.

- Tightened Anakin’s conversation with Palpatine, emphasizing Anakin being fed up with all that is going on and displaying his pent up emotions.

- Instead of “You know the Darkside,” Anakin responds to Palpatine with “â€�the darkside?”

- Cut “Narrow/Dogmatic view of the Jedi.”

- Instead of “You must embrace,” Palpatine says “embraceâ€�”

- Cut “Be careful of the Jedi, Anakin.”

- Cut “Use my knowledge. I beg you.”

- Anakin now quickly asserts, “What did you say? You’re the Sith Lord” Palpatine half cuts the latter line off with “Don’t continue to be a pawn of the Jedi Council!” This communicates to the audience that Palpatine believes that Anakin is just going through the motions of what a Jedi should be doing in this situation, when he, and partially the audience, now believes that Anakin is still endeared to Palpatine, if feeling betrayed as well.

- Tightened the remainder of the dialogue, making Anakin firmer/more decisive.

- Stankpac idea: I used Stankpac’s smooth edit to get Obi- wan onto Grievous’ wheel much faster.

- Tightened up the beginning of the Obi- wan Grievous fight to add more initial tension.

- As opposed to deleting the shot of Obi- wan opening up Grievous’ chest, I made it very brief so as to downplay it a little more without losing continuity.

- Re- worked Grievous’ approach for the killing stroke on Obi- wan to make it to where Obi- wan now shoots Grievous at the last possible second, rather than taking his time to line up a shot. He’s a Jedi; no such thing as luck. It has an Indiana Jones vibe to it, with the blaster taking forever to get to Obi- wan.

- Tightened the end of the scene.

- I left in Anakin’s “I think Chancellor Palpatine’s a Sith Lord.” I feel the “think” works. It is Anakin feeling uncertain in labeling Palpatine with the definition of Sith Lord that the Jedi have taught him over the years because Anakin doesn’t see Palpatine in that light. Think of it as a Freudian slip. Anakin actually knows Palpatine’s a Sith Lord, but he accidentally conveys his inner disbelief.

- Cut Mace’s “A Sith LORD?!” line. He now immediately asks, “How do you know this?”

- Cut Mace’s “I sense much confusion in you/anger clouds your judgment” lines. If Palpatine now comes off as the most endearing character (as he should) to Anakin, then Mace should be coming off as the epitome of everything that is exasperating Anakin.

- ”Wait in the council chambers until we return” is now said as Mace boards the gunship, for pacing.

- Cut out Palpatine’s dialogue in Padme’s ruminations scene. Anakin now acts of his own will to save the one man who has allowed him to open up, who knows what he is going through, and, most importantly, who might have a way to save Padme.

- Tightened the exchange between Palpatine and Windu.

- Cut out Palpatine’s snarl. He spares no time in immediately leaping and stabbing the two Jedi to Mace’s left.

- Cut out the Chancellor’s backflip the same way as Stankpac did.

- Cut out Palpatine and Mace switching sides in the window fight.

- Tightened Anakin’s run into the room. Added Palpatine’s yells to the rear surround as Anakin runs in.

- Cut out Palpatine’s “Noâ€�Noâ€�”

- Re- worked the whole confrontation:
– Palpatine: You will die!
– Mace Blocks more quickly
– Palpatine: He’s a Traitor!
–Mace: Don’t listen to him, Anakin! *moans, while forcing more lightning pressure on Palpatine*
–Palpatine: I have the power to save the one you love.
–Mace really rips into Palpatine after this line, causing him to deteriorate rapidly.
–Palpatine: I can’t hold it any longerâ€� Anakin, help me. Help me! *lightning ceases*
–Mace moves saber into Palpatine’s face.
–Palpatine: (weak) â€�Can’t hold on any longerâ€�
–Mace: I’m going to end this-
–Anakin (interrupting): You can’t. He must stand trial!
–Mace: He has control of the Senate and the courts! He’s too dangerous to be left ALIVE!- ”
–Anakin (interrupting): It’s not the Jedi way. He must live!
–Mace gives Palpatine a look.
–Palpatine: Pleaseâ€�don’tâ€�
–Anakin (as Windu raises his blade): I need him!
– Mace is starting to swing.
–Palpatine (yelling desperately): Please, DON’T!
–Anakin (at the same instant): NOOOOO!
–Anakin slices off Mace’s hand.

- Tightened Palpatine’s response and taking advantage of the situation.

- Added an ambiguous shot of Anakin possibly force pushing Mace Windu out of the window. Was he reaching out to save him? Force pushing him to end his suffering? Or was he committing to his deed?

- Cut Anakin’s “what have I done!?” Anakin knows what he did, just like with Dooku. The
audience is also slightly still on Anakin’s side after Mace’s preceding characterization.

- Cut “I can’t live without her.”

- And now THE BIG ONE: I cut all mention of Darth Vader to focus the story on Anakin.

- The scene transitions to Yoda during Sidious’ growl.

- The scene between Sidious and Anakin now ends at, “I want you to go to the Jedi Temple.” As the rest of the scene felt like a downhill, and going to Mustafar is brought up during a later scene with Anakin and Padme. I lament losing the “We shall have peace” line, but the cut moves the story forward at a better pace.

- The film immediately cuts to Anakin’s march on the Jedi Temple.

- Inspired by the surround effects at the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I added Sidious’ “Do what must be done/do not hesitate/show no mercy/only then will you be strong enough to save Padme” lines to the rear surrounds, with “Padme” meant to sound like a delicate whisper in the viewer’s left ear.

- Cutting too much of the Clones on Utapau threw the music off. So a little skirmish remains before a slight match cut to Obi- wan’s arrival by Cody’s side.

- When Cody activates his holo- link, Sidious is now in the middle of his “time has come” dialogue, insinuating that the transmission is not personally addressed but rather is being sent out across the galaxy at the same moment.

- Tightened Cody’s “Blast him!” and the tank’s firing.

- Tightened Mundi’s realization that something’s wrong.

- Cut out Mundi falling to the ground for pacing and the “less is more” principle. There is now a match cut to the Sun of the next scene.

- Quickened the clones’ actions to truly catch the female jedi off guard, and I quickened her fall. It was a little too clumsy. This fall is Buzz Lightyear approvedâ€�”with style!”

- Cut “execute Order 66.” Now it cuts to Sidious’ transmission turning off in the fighter.

- After Plo- Koon’s death, the next scene starts immediately with the trooper nodding without the momentary pause.

- Added a tighter, more intense match cut of the speeders hitting the frame and the droid vehicle immediately exploding as though affected by the last scene.

- Cut out Yoda beheading the clone troopers. All you hear is his groan over the scene of the Jedi Temple attack. The audience is left uncertain of Yoda’s fate until they actually see him on the Tantive later.

- Stankpac idea: Cut Anakin’s encounter with the younglings, so that the audience can still sympathize with Anakin and Padme, in her next scene. It’s now an unpleasant surprise when Obi- wan and Yoda find the bodies later on.

- Bail Organa’s “NOOOO!” is a more fluid response now, and he immediately jumps into his speeder without hesitation.

- Bail’s speeder taking off immediately transitions to the Tantive ship taking off. (No Obi- wan getting out of the water. No seeing Yoda leave the wookies’ planet.)

- Tightened the transition from the Tantive to Obi- wan overhearing the clones for pacing. Some editors have left this out, but I like the way it flows, and, since Obi- wan had allowed a bond to form between Cody and himself, it’s possible Obi- wan might have believed the blast as nothing more than a misfire until now.

- Cut Obi- wan’s “Repeat.”

- Cut Organa’s “We have just rescued Master Yoda.” (This is in keeping his survival a surprise for new audiences.)

- Tightened Anakin and Padme’s discussion on the terrace.

- Cut Anakin’s “I will not betray the Republic.”

- Cut Anakin’s “We can only hope he’s remained loyal to the Chancellor.” Anakin now dismisses Obi- wan, due to his vision and the fact that Obi- wan dismissed his own needs earlier, wounding their friendship.

- Cut “Have faith, my love.” This adds to the tensionâ€� and adds a spatial continuity error with Anakin’s hand. : P

- Cut “Wait for me until I return.” Anakin says the same basic line before he leaves, and the one during his departure is more powerful/appropriate.

- Cut Yoda’s “A little more knowledgeâ€�” line.

- Cut the introduction to Mustafar before the Viceroy’s chat with Sidious. This keeps the environment of Mustafar a secret until Anakin arrives. Some would have cut this scene entirely, but I liked the humor and the follow- up on how the Separatists are getting on.

- Cut “Darth Vader.” It’s now: “When my new apprentice arrives.”

- Cut mouse droids running from Anakin.

- Cut “Welcome, Lord Vader.”

- Cut Yoda and Obi- wan fighting their way into the Jedi Temple. “Easier for us to enter the Jedi Temple, it will be,” explained to the audience how these characters would get in unnoticed.

- Cut out dialogue when Obi- wan and Yoda find the younglings. All but the center channel dies down in reverence to the sight, with Yoda giving off a quiet gasp after taking it in.

- First line is now Obi- wan’s “Whoâ€�who could have done this?”

- Cut away from Anakin’s sith- eyed stare earlier than in the original. I kept the sith eyes in because Anakin is enraged at the Separatists, who were the catalyst for the whole saga and, thus, also him losing his mother, going off to war, and turning to the darkside. His regret has turned to hatred and murder.

- Tightened Sidious’ Empire declaration scene in a few spots.

- The Viceroy now only says “The waâ€�” before being ‘cut off.’ Anakin still hesitates briefly because Gunray has been such an influential character to the Audience throughout the Prequel Trilogy and because Anakin is savoring the kill, as he is familiar with Gunray’s efforts to kill Padme in Episode II.

- Obi- wan now finishes the calibration during the second half of Yoda’s line.

- Tightened Yoda’s “If into the security filesâ€�” response.

- Put Yoda’s reaction to the footage in between Obi- wan’s two, “It can’t be’s.”

- Cut hologram’s “go and bring peace to the Empire.”

- Cut Obi- wan’s “send me to kill the Emperor.”

- Cut “he is like my brother.” This makes Obi- wan telling Anakin that he was his brother more powerful later on.

- Cut Yoda’s “â€�by Darth Vader.”

- Tightened all of the reactions in the Obi- wan and Padme scene.

- Cut “The Chancellor was behind everything, including the war.”

- Cut the shot of Obi- wan hiding in a closet in Padme’s ship. If the audience missed him boarding in the long shot, then it will be a surprise.

- Cut Anakin’s “Very good, My Lord.” Its absence now comes off as subtle defiance/ bitterness over suspicions of possibly being taken advantage of in his troubled state.

- Shortened the amount of time Padme has to think before spotting Anakin.

- Cut “I saw your ship.”

- Tightened the whole conversation between Anakin, Padme, and Obi- wan to heighten tension.

- Cut “What things?”

- Anakin cuts off Padme’s “He saidâ€�” This conveys that it doesn’t matter what Obi- wan said, he’s turning Padme “against” Anakin. It also avoids reiterating the information the audience already heard a couple of scenes ago.

- Cut Anakin’s “I” stutter.

- Cut “Rule the galaxy!” Now it’s “And together you and I can make things the way we want to be.”

- Cut “I don’t believe what I’m hearing.”

- Before Padme can finish saying “Obi- wan was right/You’ve changed,” Anakin now interrupts with “I don’t want to hear any more about Obi- wan.”

- Cut Padme actually hitting the ground. It’s more powerful seeing the result only.

- Anakin cuts off Obi- wan’s “You have become the very thing you sworeâ€�” with “Don’t lecture me, Obi- wan!”

- Cut “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.”

- Cut all of Yoda and Sidious’ duel. Anakin and Obi- wan’s duel is the primary focus, as has been their characters throughout the film.

- Tightened the Anakin and Obi- wan duel, with new, more exasperated musical cues as a result.

- There’s a matching action transition to the doorway fight from the landing platform, but it’s, hopefully, not a huge stretch as the doorway is previously visible in the past few shots.

- Cut the twirling contest and force push lock.

- Anakin and Obi- wan’s saber lock with the exploding lava in the background has been kept and transitions immediately into the magma hitting the beam they’re on.

- Cut the long shot of Anakin and Obi- wan approaching the lava- fall. The lava- fall is now established with a point- glance by Obi- wan.

- Cut the shots of Anakin running up the beam as it goes down the falls. There is now a brief moment of suspense before Anakin abruptly jumps into frame in front of Obi- wan.

- Cut shots of robots struggling.

- Combined the two close- up sequences of Anakin and Obi- wan dueling.

- Trimmed Obi- wan’s “I have failed you, Anakin. I have failed you.” It now comes off as a last second, heartfelt attempt to reach out to Anakin. Obi- wan now says, “â€�Anakinâ€�.Iâ€�” And Anakin cuts him off before he can continue the thought. Anakin is the one doing the dismissing now, not letting Obi- wan open up.

- Obi- wan, being fed up, cuts off Anakin’s “Point- of- view” line, yelling, “You are lost!”

- Cut “It’s over/I have the high ground/you underestimate my power.”

- Obi- wan quickly says, “Don’t try it!” Anakin then defies him…

- I like JasonN’s handling of this segment, but I felt the need for Anakin to fall by refusing to listen to Obi- wan’s warning. All the requests and demands placed upon Anakin have been leading to this moment. Anakin is enraged that Obi- wan still has the gall to condescend. Everyone but Palpatine has continually failed to recognize Anakin as a matured, though troubled adult. All Anakin ever wanted was trust, respect, and compassion that was denied him by the war, other’s agendas, and closed minded Jedi, but granted to him by Palpatine. Unbeknownst to Anakin, Obi- wan does care for Anakin, this is why he warns him.

- Cut the “Chosen one/not leave it in darkness” speech.

- Anakin now speaks first with “I hate you!” The film cuts to Obi- wan’s reaction halfway through this line.

- Inserted a shot of Anakin pleading with Obi- wan after his “You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you.” It’s a fleeting instance of Anakin realizing that Obi- wan was a victim of circumstances, like Anakin, but that he did truly care for Anakin.

- Obi- wan now walks away immediately after Anakin reaches his arm out to him. This is the climax. This is the last the audience sees of Anakin�

- Cut C- 3PO’s “Master Kenobi!”

- Padme half wakes up, as it feels like a last chance effort to see the man she loves before dying. She says, “Anakinâ€�” assuming the man comforting her is Anakin, and Obi- wan does not deny her this final moment, simply stroking her cheek as she starts to pass away.

- Obi- wan in the cockpit cuts to the Polis Massa facility.

- Organa’s “To the medical center/quickly,” transitions to the medical droid’s “we are losing her.”

- Cut “for reasons we can’t explain/lost the will to live.”

- Padme lying motionless transitions to Yoda, Organa, and Obi- wan’s meeting about splitting up the children. As Stankpac and other faneditors have said, it can be implied that surgery was performed while Padme lay unconscious.

- Cut Yoda’s Qui- gon revelation. Their exchange now ends with “Training, I have for you.” It adds an air of mystery. : P

- Padme’s funeral procession transitions to Leia’s delivery to Alderaan.

- The twin sunsets transitions to the imperial cruiser, where we see that Sidious has already supplanted Anakin with a new apprentice. As the mysterious dark figure and Sidious look on at the Death Star under construction, the credits circle- in.

- Added “AEmovieguy” text to the Editors’ credits.

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