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I watched this immediately after Hal 9000's version of Ep. II, which I thought managed to make a film that was simply a little dull out a film that was absolutely awful. A very substantial accomplishment, but here he is given a lot more to work with, and he does not disappoint. Labyrinth of Evil (aside from the title) is an absolute tour-de-force that achieves everything the original did and goes beyond that to make a film which is genuinely superb. My few concerns when reading what edits he had made were laid to rest - the scene with the younglings is gone, but it's still very clear he killed them. Subtlety is the name of the game here, allowing Anakin's transformation much more finesse and making every character more interesting and effectively portrayed. I loved how Palpatine just straight-up *lied* to Vader about Padme dying - this is just as twisted of an ending and it completely works!

Overall, everything about this edit looks completely professional - the only thing that gives it away as an unofficial cut is the fact that it's so much better than one would expect from Lucas! Even the changes I was hesitant about are executed so well as to completely sell me on them. Highly recommended!

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