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I have been a Star Wars fan, and obsessive, for as long as I can remember. Despite the glaring flaws inherent within the prequel trilogy I have still seen each of them more times than I care to count and this edit far surpasses the highest hopes I had for it.

All three prequels have been missing a subtlety that HAL 9000's 'Labyrinth of Evil' perfectly captures. I write this review without seeing either of the other '9000 series' edits (although look forward to seeing the other two) and when reviewing this final entry the main point I need to get across is that we finally get to see the descent and fall of Anakin that we have always wanted. Thanks to some seamless and intelligent editing we are given an autonomous protagonist that wrestles with his feelings, duty and fear of loss without any support system to help. With Obi-Wan pursuing Grievous Anakin must wrestle with his fear that he may loose Padme as he lost his mother, as well as his growing disillusionment with the Jedi order, alone. The manipulation by Palpatine is done subtly using Anakin's vulnerability and fear to lead him to dependency. Due to the subtlety with which this is done you get much more of a sense of Anakin's inner turmoil and as such his fall is both much clearer and emotionally impacting. Anakin's political allegiances also come after this dependency is established as oppose to before which really serves well to emphasise that his choices were motivated by his fear of loosing Padme above all else.

As well as Anakin's descent we also get to see the political aspects of the prequel trilogy finally take an intriguing and important shape. Before this edit I didn't have much time for this aspect of the trilogy but I can now see it's value a lot clearer. Not only does it serve to show Palpatine's masterful deception and grand scheme but it also adds a great deal of depth to the role of Padme. She too is made more autonomous within this edit and now appears more dimensional instead of merely being presented as Anakin's love interest.

Obviously as a die hard fan there are some things that I missed and some things that I wish weren't there but they're not worth mentioning as overall the narrative of 'Revenge of the Sith' is now made more compelling, the motivations of the characters and the inner turmoil they struggle with is now captivating and the pace keeps your attention firmly on the screen.

There were some slight changes made to the narrative and I have to say that I love that somebody finally fixed the plot hole with Leia remembering Padme! The Qui-gon voice over was brilliant (no idea where that came from...?) and the omission of the Sidious/Yoda duel worked incredibly well!

And easy ten stars from me and I will be looking forward to any fanedit's from HAL 9000 in the future.

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