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FanFix February 25, 2014 31648
(Updated: February 04, 2015)
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Now I'd really like to give an more elaborate review, but I'm pretty much lost for words. Taking the information the faneditor gave in the great commentary track, this is as flawless as it gets. I am not too happy about the inflated ratings around here, but this is really a "10" and a shining example what a fanedit can achieve.

I hope Disney contracts HAL 9000 as an adviser for the upcoming Star Wars trilogy, he knows what storytelling is supposed to be. And to his credit, he is very verbal on the fact that his versions are the pinnacle of all Star Wars 1-3 attempts combined, taking many ideas from older edits.

Edit: As HAL's tech broke down, the v3 versions are missing a commentary track, and the v2 ones don't sync. As these versions are to be the crowing achievement of all work, this is extremely unfortunate all around and personally I'd advise you to track down the v2 versions as the editor's insights makes the movies much more enjoyable.

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