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Review by Ripplin — December 25, 2010 @ 12:58 am

Just finished and I would say that for now, this is my preferred version of Ep. III. It really is streamlined, cutting out so much unnecessariness, and is easy to understand. The audio and video quality is top notch as well. There are some further audio cuts I would make (some fixable, some only partially so but preferrable to the audio as-is) and remove a few lines and such here and there (some one-liners, and…he left in the Tarzan yell?!), but overall, the choices made were very good. As mentioned above, the transformation scene is interesting, too. Overall, I loved how quickly things got going and remained that way, but the scenes that needed length (some solemn, like Anakin and Padme pondering on their balconies) remained as well and helped the story elements.

Overall, I’m giving this a 9/10. Great effort!
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